Power Bank For Laptop

Where are the friends forget with the power adapter are when go out?Have good news to tell you!

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Where are the friends forget with the power adapter are when go out?Have good news to tell you!

I believe that the biggest problem with iPhone users nowadays is that most people use the charging treasure to power the Apple mobile phone, but there is no charging treasure that can charge the Apple computer.

Introduction of power bank for laptop:

WST can solve this problem perfectly, and develop the WST-WP933 this power bank. In addition to charging the phone (fast charging), you can also do mobile brace.

It also supports charging newer Macbooks.

power bank for laptop Features:

You have to know that using a normal charging treasure will be very unhealthy for the battery. It is not the official original input current that will damage the motherboard and reduce the life.

Compared to the current output of the general charging treasure 1A. The SmartVOLT™ technology used by WST can be flexibly output from 0.1A to 2.4A depending on the equipment board. This does not guarantee the charging efficiency, but also ensures the safety of transmission.

The voltage drop compensation technology ensures that the WST can provide a stable voltage when it is used as a mobile power source to avoid damage to the equipment.

Specification of power bank for laptop:

Model WP933

Rated Capacity 30000mAh/130.5Wh 4.35V

Typical Capacity 20000mAh 5V(TYP 2.1A)

Battery Li-polymer (4.35V 30000mAh)


Micro x1: 5V2A 9V2A

Compatibility QC2.0

Type-C x1: 5V2A 9V2A

Compatibility QC2.0 & USB PD 2.0

Output USB x1: 5-6V2.4A 6.1-9V2A 9.1-12V1.5

Compatibility QC3.0

Type-C x1: 5V2A 9V2A 12V1.5A

Compatibility QC3.0 & USB PD 2.0

USB x2: 5V2.4A (2.4A max)

Texture ABS+PC

Weight 546g

Size L185xW134xH14 mm

Colors White/Black

Remark Digital Display/Supported MacBook

Image of power bank for laptop:

Power Bank For Laptop

power bank for laptop Application:

Power Bank For Laptop

Power Bank For Laptop

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Power Bank For Laptop

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Power Bank For Laptop

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Power Bank For Laptop