Portable Power Bank Charger

Portable Power Bank Charger

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portable power bank charger Introduction´╝Ü

Dual USB+TYPE-C three output ports, support three devices at the same time, support up to 3A output; full metal appearance, 5000 mAh polymer battery, 30% reduction in volume and 20% weight reduction; Chip, to ensure that the board end conversion rate is at least 95%; very beautiful, exquisite and self-contained, 10mm thin and wonderful, close to the thickness of i-Phone; using the same quality metal aluminum material of Apple mobile phone, ultra-fine 1OS oxidation + super-fine polishing spray Sand; can carry the mobile power of the aircraft.

portable power bank charger Parameter:

Model: MG05

Color: Black/Red/Gold

Material: metal aluminum

Packing: color box packaging

Size: 101*61.6*11.1mm

Packing number: 40 units / box

portable power bank charger feature and application:

The price has the advantage,

The quality is guaranteed,

The absolute enough is measurable for the export,

The design can be opened, according to the customer's specified style,

The large amount can avoid the mold cost.

A wide range of styles, welcome to consult or order!

portable power bank charger details:

portable power bank charger

portable power bank charger

portable power bank charger qualification:

portable power bank charger make in China

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Li-Polymer portable power bank charger

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portable power bank charger supplier

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