Metal Case Power Bank

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Product Details

metal case power bank Introduction´╝Ü

The outer casing is made of metal and the surface is treated with a matte finish to make the touch feel better without leaving fingerprints.

The casing uses CNC cutting technology at the corner transitions to make the corners look more beautiful and tough. The top of the power bank is also engraved with a logo pattern near the palm of the hand.

The USB port is softer and softer. It uses a quiet and fretting design. It has a small sound when used. It does not disturb others or wake up the sleeping baby. The top is made of rubber non-slip material. It has a strong sense of scale when inserted and pulled out. It can be felt every time it is inserted and pulled out. It will hardly make a sound, and the feedback given to the user when charging is more sensitive.

metal case power bank Parameter:





micro or type-c:5V-2A

Double Output:

5V/1A 5V/2.1A



Net Weight:



Li-polymer Battery



metal case power bank details:

Metal Case Power Bank

metal case power bank qualification:

Metal Case Power Bank make in China

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