Rechargeable Hand Warmers

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Product Details

rechargeable hand warmers Introduction:

This is comfortable to hold, heats almost instantly on request, easy to charge, and the charge seems to last a long time.Ever need any but the lowest setting, as that's quite warm enough to cheer up chilly fingers. Because it was smaller and weighed less than the other, so can have one in each jacket pocket. And it'll even charge phone. What could be better?

rechargeable hand warmers Parameter:

Specification HW05

Battery Capacity 5000mAh Li-Polymer

Dual Surface Hand Warmer *MCH Ceramic Heater

5V / 2A Input 5V / 2A Output (Support Apple 2.4A)

3 Level Temperature Control

Level 1 : 35 ~ 40 Degree Celsius

Level 2 : 40 ~ 45 Degree Celsius

Level 3 : 45 ~ 50 Degree Celsius

*MCH ceramic heating component is a highly efficient environmental protection and energy saving ceramic heating components, mainly toreplace now the most widely used alloy wire electronic components and PTC heating electric heating element and component.

rechargeable hand warmers Product Of Difference:

rechargeable hand warmers

Benefit of rechargeable hand warmers:

Pocket size,easy to carry,they are necessaries for emergencies, human who are outages on business trip, on traveling, Camping, Hiking or hunting, etc.

rechargeable hand warmers

rechargeable hand warmers qualification:

rechargeable hand warmers

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rechargeable hand warmers

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rechargeable hand warmers

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rechargeable hand warmers

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