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portable charger cute Introduction:

The ZERO portable charger cute series is available in a wide range of custom designs. From plants and animals to toys and cartoons, you can find everything you need for your market. Secondly, the ZERO series has a wide variety of styles. Romantics will find what they need, just like the minimalist. In the end, the harmonious product range is both simultaneous and consistent in terms of function and style. No matter which style you like, there is something for everyone.

portable charger cute Parameter:



Double Input:

Micro&Type-c :5V /2A;

Double Output:

USB1:5V/2.0A USB2:5V/2.1A




Li-polymer Battery

Charging Times




portable charger cute feature and application :

Built-in special chip, when the phone is fully charged, it will cut off the power and stop the power supply.

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Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional company that produces and sells power bank and mobile battery. Our company has experienced, professional design, production masters and professional customer service team.

Li-Polymer portable charger cute

Since the establishment of the company, in the customer first, quality, service first-class service purposes, wholeheartedly for customer service, by the majority of new and old customers alike, we use imported materials, handmade for your tailor-made fashion An unparalleled cartoon image. The company is positioned to be personalized, fashionable, and high-quality, launching different styling series products and live performances. It is an ideal gift for advertising events, groups, organ meetings, and friends and relatives! The product is highly usable and can be used for marriage, commemoration, festivals, special anniversaries, etc.

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