WST Won The IP Authorization Of MAOMAOCHONG!

- Jul 05, 2018-

In recent years, the IP (ie “Intellectual Property”) market has flourished and the industrial structure has been continuously improved. IP has become the darling of the cultural consumer market, and its gold-absorbing effect has become more and more obvious. IP fever has also become an eye-catching phenomenon in the cultural consumer market. . The MAOMAOCHONG series of power banks brought by WST showcased the cooperation mode of the IP industry in different ways for consumers. We believe that in the next few years, we will confidently bring more IP exhibitions and development projects to the 3C digital industry, bringing more interesting and interesting IP content to electronic product users. ”


MAOMAOCHONG is a cartoon image created by Taiwan's Indot image. This work is based on the author himself and shows the daily life of MAOMAOCHONG with family and friends. A painting of the image and surrounding products show the scenes close to life and the naughty character of MAOMAOCHONG. In addition, MAOMAOCHONG has become one of the most representative cartoon characters in the Asian region.

This MAOMAOCHONG series power bank product allows each user to experience childhood fun with MAOMAOCHONG. Be happier when using power banks.