WST Power Bank's Japan Roppongi Tour

- May 09, 2018-

From May 7th to May 12th, 18th, WST was invited by Japan IT Week 2018 to Japan to participate in the 3-day electronic digital product exhibition, and released the AirDuo Pro series of WST wireless charging treasures. The overall schedule for this trip to Japan is as follows:

May 7 Flight to Tokyo Shinagawa

May 8 Visit customers and go to Roppongi Electronics Market

May 9 The first day of the show

May 10 The next day of the show

May 11 The third day of the show

May 12 Return

Throughout the exhibition, he once again experienced Japanese culture deeply. In this brief six-day period, WST used his camera to record the entire journey, arranging articles and sharing them with everyone: WST Mobile power in Japan one day.

In the early morning, the boss arranged for the sister to send breakfast, a typical Japanese-style hodgepodge, a lot of tricks, the distribution of dishes can be seen carefully!

Every kind of dish is a small amount, full of kaiseki style!


The white rice from the rice cooker is a favorite pearl rice! It tastes slightly and is not hard to chew. I can't help eating two bowls!

The first bus to Shinagawa goes to the subway station. The property is only one stop away from the subway. There are one or two bare trees on the road on this road occasionally. It may be that the leaves have not yet grown.

In front of the subway station, there is a red cherry tree, in the bright sun under the enchanting, and quickly take a picture:



When I came to the location of the client company, I found it was a bit cloudy and I hope it will not rain.


Around 4 pm, from the customer company, everyone was full of energy (full of vitality). Go straight to Roppongi business district, market research.

When we arrived in Roppongi, we had finished dinner and it was already at night. But it was said that Tokyo is even more exciting at night. Is that true?


The Roppongi night was really good. Here is an exclusive presentation - the Tokyo City View at Roppongi Hills is a great place to see panoramic views of Tokyo. There is a 360-degree glass observatory in which you can take photos and you can see the distant Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Tower.


After a day of satisfying itinerary, we must participate in the exhibition carefully on the second day (May 9th). Friends, I hope you will enjoy our day trip to Japan. Please also wish that our exhibition will be a smooth one. Goodbye.