WST Mini Power Bank Upgrade: 34% Capacity Increase Up To 3350 MAh

- Feb 07, 2018-

The power bank wst mini power bank since its listing, with small size and high color value has been widely loved by users. In the model list has been occupying a small power bank sales first throne, the cumulative sales have more than 10 million.

Recently, WST on the classic mini power bank has been a new upgrade, the same compact body, but the capacity has increased 34%, power up to 3350 mA, to the iPhone 8 completely filled once!

Sales broken 10 million! WST mini power bank upgrade: large capacity upgrade

Classic mini power bank capacity of only 2600 mA, many consumers will worry about the power is not enough, and the new upgraded mini power bank the same volume, capacity up to 3350 mA, a full upgrade of 1.34 times.

The shape of the continuation of the classic style, black and white color optional, still small, weighs only 74.5g, easy to carry. Clear and concise power indicator, easy to understand the power situation. Measured to support 5W charge, comparable to iPhone original charger.

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WST's newly upgraded MINI power bank features an internal management chip for smart test electronics that automatically adjusts output power and is compatible with most electronic devices with quadruple protection.


Currently this new upgrade WST mini power bank has been looking for partners worldwide, price concessions.