WST MILK Series Coming Soon!

- Jun 08, 2018-

After several years of development, portable charger has become a digital product with a complete channel system, not just simple mobile phone accessories. However, how many companies can continue to have strong capacity in the portable charger market? What can really stay is that they are recognized by consumers or have their own strength, but it is still relatively small to really make big brands.

WST, one of the representatives of the portable charger brand, has gained popularity and popularity among consumers by virtue of its unique product advantages. This has allowed them to continue to continue to introduce more and more excellent products, such as the recently released WST. Milk portable charger.

WST milk portable charger has built-in 6700mAh capacity, using high quality A+ batteries. Like the previous WST portable charger, this product uses a well-designed rubber paint + flame retardant material to create a childlike portable charger.