WST Launches First USB PD Fast-Charging Power Bank: Charges MacBook Directly

- May 11, 2018-

After several years of precipitation, USB PD fast charging has become a familiar term in the industry. According to WST, after the iPhone 8 series was equipped with USB PD fast charge, the market entered a once-in-a-lifetime scene, and major mobile phone manufacturers and computer manufacturers gradually moved closer to this standard. This also caused a surge in the number of USB PD accessories on the market. USB PD charger and mobile power supply are all exquisite.

As an established brand of mobile phone accessories, WST recently introduced a USB PD mobile power supply designed for MacBook notebooks. This is also the first USB PD mobile power introduced by WST, which is of great significance.

From the picture, WST this new mobile power as a whole white appearance, modeling resembles a book. The casing is made of PV material and treated with rubber oil. The WST brand logo is printed on the front.

WST's USB PD charger is equipped with three USB-A output ports, a USB-C port, and a Micro USB port for most mobile phones and tablets. In addition, there is also a LCD power display and a power button, power information, a key query.

WST this new mobile power supply USB-A port supports 5V2.4A output, can directly charge the phone; USB-C port with USB PD two-way transmission function, the maximum output power of 18W, can be directly to Samsung, LG, Huawei, millet, iPhone X and many other devices provide power. At the same time, MacBook can also be powered via USB-C, making it easy to use.

This mobile power supply can power three devices at the same time, and supports side charging and discharging functions.

From the data that WST understands, with the rapid popularity of USB PD fast charge, WST has now launched a number of notebook computers that support USB PD fast charging, and equipped with a USB PD power adapter. However, due to the relatively high market share of MacBook notebooks. There are also more types of charging interfaces, so a versatile charging accessory becomes a rigid requirement. The introduction of this USB PD mobile power supply is just to make up for this pain point of the user. It can not only charge the USB PD device, but also can directly use the USB-C to supply power to the computer, and at the same time, it can also solve the charging demand of the mobile phone and has high practicability.