WST Is Developing Wireless Charging Receiver And Transmitter Solutions

- Mar 28, 2018-


With international mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung releasing phones supporting wireless charging based on the Qi protocol, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei and Xiaomi have also released wireless charging phones based on the Qi protocol. Qi-based wireless charging technology is gaining more and more recognition in the market, and it will surely become one of the important ways to charge a new generation of electronic devices. However, due to the high technical barriers of wireless charging control chips, the entire market was dominated by foreign giants in the past. In recent years, research on wireless charging control chips for Chinese companies has progressed significantly. WST has taken advantage of this trend. After years of research and technology accumulation, it has begun to emerge in the wireless charging chip industry.

In the past few years since its establishment, WST Technology has achieved product and industrialization of core technological achievements. It has accumulated a large number of AC-DC, DC-DC and other power supply technologies and experiences in the field of mobile phone batteries. At the same time, it has mastered system design technologies in the mobile power field. In 2018, WST relied on years of deep plowing in the field of mobile phone charging, carrying a strong accumulation of technology, but also focused on expanding another new field of 100 billion level, set up a wireless charging project and program development division.

WST-AirDuo mobile phone wireless charging mobile power bank, using 50% constant duty cycle, which is Apple's recommended fixed-frequency voltage regulator architecture, it can bring better stability and charging efficiency, and more interference with mobile phones small. Plus it supports FOD foreign body detection, performance is good. And the overall workmanship with good materials, affordable, can be regarded as a relatively rare product.

Please look forward to the wireless charging mobile power bank,WST-AirDuo.