Wireless Charging May Become A New Hot Spot.

- Oct 23, 2017-

With the development of smartphones, it brings the portable battery charger market to life at the same time. But after several years of rapid development, many problems in the portable battery charger market have begun to erupt.


In 2016, the portable battery charger industry comes to an unprecedented "integration" era. The number of manufacturing enterprises gradually decreases. And in 2017, this "shuffle" is likely to further intensify.

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Current situation: problems behind the prosperity


The number of portable battery charger producers in 2015 greatly decreased, but as for the scale of the industry, in recent years, the portable battery charger market still maintains a growing momentum. As for the profit, the portable battery charger market is still ideal, so why do the producing enterprises become more difficult to run, and even a lot of them have to stop the business? In this regard, experts said that it is mainly because the portable battery charger market have been in the "disorder" competitive state for quite a long time that it has accumulated a large number of industry problems – among which the most prominent is the vicious price war, serious product homogeneity, fake and shoddy product proliferation, sales channels facing the transformation, the lack of "choicest goods" thought in the industry development, product creation without design and no brand premium and so on.


As for these problems, many consumers have experienced. In recent years, explosion and other issues of portable battery charger emerge in an endless stream in the use or charging process. China Consumers Association’s related statistics show that in 2016 over 60% of the complaints involving portable battery charger had concentrated in poor product quality, exaggerated publicity and so on.


Foreground: reshuffle and accelerating supervision will have breakthrough


Experts said that the portable battery charger industry chaos, not only adverse to the development of the industry, but also brings security risks to consumers. An important reason for this situation is the lack of portable battery charger standards. Fortunately, into the 2017, the situation that the portable battery charger market does not have a standard to be followed will be gradually improved. In fact, China has implemented the industry standard of "USB interface class portable battery charger" earlier, but as the standard does not have coerciveness, the implementation effect is not ideal.


China's first portable battery charger national mandatory standards - "portable electronic products with lithium-ion battery and battery pack security requirements" is also officially implemented. It is said that the new portable battery charger national standard contains more than 30 data indicators, almost cover all aspects of portable battery charger test.


"The implementation of the new national standard will greatly enhance the safety threshold of portable battery charger manufacturing, playing a role in regulating the market order." Experts indicate. In addition, the Shenzhen Portable battery charger Federation will also set up a Shenzhen Portable battery charger (Consumer) standard alliance, jointly established portable battery charger industry advanced standard system to enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry.


As for this, experts show that with the dual drive of the industry policy supervision and industry brand self-regulation, the portable battery charger market integration will undoubtedly be further accelerated. 


And as for the overall outlook of the portable battery charger market, experts said that there will also be new opportunities after the integration. According to reports, the main driving force of the future growth of the portable battery charger industry will gradually shift to the updating needs of existing users, and as the increasing demand of these users, is very obvious that portable battery charger products have the trend of miniaturization, thin type, lightweight, high frequency. It is expected to the output growth of light, thin, small portable battery charger will be higher than the output growth of the entire power industry. For instance, viewing the home page of Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., LTD, we can find that the design of DL511, DP520 have small volume, and in latter development, new designs including DP663, DP622A become much thinner and have huge capacity at the same time, which make it become the top seller in many platforms. In addition, with the breakthrough of wireless charging interface restrictions, and the settlement of mobile phone compatibility, interface restrictions, conversion efficiency and other issues, wireless charging portable battery charger will trigger a new growth point.