Wireless Can Also Charge At Great Speed, WST Launches 15W Wireless Charging Pad.

- Jul 24, 2018-

Wireless charging is a very cool charging technology. It only needs to be attached to the wireless charging pad to charge the device. However, it is easy to achieve fast charging with wired charging technology. There are certain problems in achieving fast charging, and the charging speed of many wireless charging boards that are known as fast charging is indeed unsatisfactory, which has slowed down the dynamic wireless charging market.

Wireless Charging Pad.jpg

At this time, WST brought an exciting news, the newly formed product department developed a fast charging board DIX with a power of up to 15W, compared with the current 5W, the new technology has increased the charging power by 3 times. The charging power is also comparable to the current 9V 1.5A wired fast charge. In terms of actual measurement, DIX can charge a smart phone from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes. In addition, the protection technology developed by WST during the charging process can effectively prevent the phone from overheating.

As a conscience, WST-DIX has the FOD foreign object detection technology that is rare in the market. It effectively prevents the wrong activation of wireless charging boards by metal objects such as keys and coins, and greatly enhances the protection function of the product.