Why Mobile Phone Iphone Battery Charger Now Non-removable? Should We Blame Apple?

- Nov 11, 2017-

Recently because of Samsung Apple cell phone explosion, people start discussing the reason why the phone iphone battery charger is now not removable? Consumers tempt to blame it on Apple. So should Apple be blamed for this? Let's take a closer look
Iphone Battery Charger.jpg

1.For the sake of good appearance

Since 2007 after using IPhone 4, I found that the disassembled iphone battery charger function is not so important, a good appearance is the most important!

The most important feature of this design is that the phone looks more sophisticated, integrated body has brought a compact internal space, so that the thickness of the phone is under good control, light and thin; and the integration of mobile phones have high integrity, so that the phone looks less cheap.

2.Reduce space waste, and improve the iphone battery charger life

After all, the trend of mobile phone is now thinner and thinner. We can find from the flexible IPhone 6 and the unchanged raised camera that Apple is also trying to shrink the phone volume. However, everyone now have higher and higher requirements for cell phone iphone battery charger life, so the extra phone battery is getting bigger and bigger - the space within the phone is getting smaller and smaller, so we can only remove the gap space between the detachable battery charger for iphone. Do not look down on this point, the using of non-removable iphone battery would enable the phone to enlarge a few hundred milliamperes.


In fact, at the beginning, there are much concerns about the safety of the iphone battery charger. The consumption of the extra phone battery would be higher due to the convenience of disassembling battery. The occurrence of cheap batteries would certainly cause the quality problem.

Of course, this is the official statement, Samsung note7 gave you a counter-evidence example, the integration design also can cause safety problem.

4.The rise of accessory suppliers

A large number of manufacturers may find that selling the batteries do not bring money as mobile powers do. The iphone battery charger can only be used to their own cell phone, while mobile power can charge for every device. But if you have several batteries, and there is a universal charger at home which can supply for your phone at any time, the business is hard to conduct. So since everyone unanimously design non-removable cell phone battery charger, a large number of power manufacturers came out, driving the employment in China.

Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology Co., Ltd, catching up with the pace of the phone development, it concentrates on developing top-quality phone batteries and mobile powers. Standing in this area for 18 years, it has gained vast truth among iphone battery charger and power bank consumers and distributors.
5.Repair profits

So what if the iphone battery charger is broken down?

Many companies now launch cheap phones. If the iphone battery charger is built-in battery charger, you have to replace the battery charger for iphone, find peacekeeping, and have to pay. Many low-price phones rely on maintenance to increase profits, this is also a good way. There is no need to disassemble, Apple simply did not intend to give you the opportunity to use the battery to no avail. It would launch new phones every year to make purchasing.