Why Is Your IPhone Battery Not Durable?

- Sep 20, 2017-

Mobile phone is indispensable electronic nowadays.In some extent, it seems to have become part of our body. Think about your day life: making calls, chatting with friends by Wechat, updated the moment of your friends circle or micro blogging, taking pictures and so on. Most friends will slowly find that the new mobile phone needs to be charged once a day, but then slowly, twice a day, one day three charge ... Before long after going outside, you start looking for a charger, feeling life is completely controlled by this little palm device. Whenever this time most friends would like to ask loudly, why this happened?


If you have ever met the above situation, please check whats the hell going on with your smart phone.

First, great battery consumption and much cycle counts

During WST research, develop ,manufacture and sell mobile battery, most users reflect that iPhone battery is consumed quickly. Our engineers found out that the main reason is the aging of the iPhone battery. It is very simple to do the detection.All we need to do is to install a software call  iBackupBot for iTunes. After installation and connecting your PC with iPhone, the software will automatically identify your phone. Then click more information, a window will pop up. The first message showed on the window is about your battery information:

Cycle Count

Design Capacity

Full Charge Capacity

Normally, after 400-500 cycles, the battery life will be a significant decline.When you find the battery count is large, or the current full charge capacity is much lower than the design capacity, the battery consumption is too much. At this time you need to replace the battery to ensure the normal use.

Second, iPhone electric leakage

Of course, too much power consumption is not because of the battery itself, I believe many friends has suffered a similar experience: even just newly replace a battery, the iPhone power consumption is still fast. It is likely that the iPhone motherboard has leaked. As for how to determine whether the motherboard leakage, you can do as the following steps:

1. Clear all background programs;

2. Open your iPhone, go to Settings> General> Background application to refresh, then turn it off;

3. In the Settings - Privacy - Location Services - System Services, turn off all system services.

4. After the above steps,keep your sim card in the phone and standby for one hour, the data will show as following:

iPhone 5 Power Down 1%

iPhone 5s power down 1%

iPhone 6 Power Down 1%

iPhone 6 plus Power Down 0%

(Tip: the data is tested by WST engineer, there is little errors between different mobile)


After the above settings and test, if your iPhone battery is still not durable, and the back shell heats , then the motherboard is likely to leakage.


Motherboard leakage is relatively complex. Individuals do not have the expertise and professional equipment in the case, we must send the equipment to a professional repair shop for testing and maintenance.


Third, the correct way to charge your phone

Simply speaking,batteries should be charged early and often, and should not be over charged. Thats the best way to maintain the battery. To make lithium battery life longer, mild charge and discharge will be better. Try not to start charging when the battery capacity is low or even the mobile has been shut off. Normally, iPhone battery life is about 500 times, which can make sure of normal use for nearly 2 years.


Finally, we must use charger with quality guarantee. An unstable electric flow would harm electronic components, especially some domestic cottage charger, not only will damage the battery, but also bring some problems of safety.