Why Do Mobile Phone Manufacturers Like To Launch Portable Power Bank?

- Oct 31, 2017-

 The news that mobile phone manufacturers makes their own brand portable power bank makes the portable battery area becomes hot nowadays. In fact, now have a look at the distribution of portable power banks, you will find the original third-party manufacturers’ share has been gradually eroded by the mobile phone manufacturers. Earlier MIUI’s launching MIUI USB cable power bank could be regarded as the first attempt that manufacturers enter into this field. Later on, vivo and other manufacturers have entered the best battery bank area as well. So why do manufacturers want to launch external charger?

   Recently I saw the report mention that ZTE has developed a new material which can make the battery density increase three to four times than the current battery density. If such technology can successfully enter the market, presumably it will set off a new revolution. However, there is still a long way to go for technology to enter into the market from the laboratory. Nowadays, the battery technology will not have much changes in a short time, portable power bank is still the longest use one among mobile phone accessories. If it is a heavy user, he must have more than one portable battery. This is a market with huge potential. No wonder the mobile phone manufacturers will be tempted.

    In a certain sense, the products come from the same manufacturer would have the same style. Therefore, although power bank buyers do not directly buy mobile phones, he can still feel the manufacturer's design style from other products, so the portable power bank has become a very good publicity channels.

    If portable power bank buyers have the sense for the brand, they would pay attention to the products of the manufacturer. So to a large extent, portable battery can also attracts users. At present, the sales strategy for best battery bank manufacturers is much similar to that of the mobile phones. They all pursue the cost performance. Attract users through low prices, so that users can become potential customers of the brand. If the product makes consumers feel good,  the user will gradually become the fan of the brand, and even promote more friends to buy the product.

    There are so many advantage for selling portable power bank, but manufacturers still need to be alert to the existing problems, that is, after-sales and security issues. After-sales is a test for manufacturers. In fact, with good after-sales service, there is completely no need for manufacturers to worry about sales, the user's reputation is also easy to establish. And security issues, it is the problem when manufacturers make the design. We have seen news of portable battery explosion more than once. However, once such a thing happens, there would be hug hit on the psychological level for any USB cable power bank buyers. How to make power bank buyers use the products at ease is the biggest problem to test manufacturers.
    In short, good product will be able to bring good reputation to manufacturers. In a certain sense, portable power bank has become a necessity in life, and has become an excellent channel for manufacturers to publicize. The advantages and disadvantages of portable battery will directly affect the user's views on the manufacturers’ products, it has a great impact. And now, as long as the best battery bank can be hot-selling, the other products of the manufacturer will have satisfactory sales. Now there are many choice in the external charger market. How to choose all up to you. As for me, I prefer USB cable power bank from Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd, especially WP928, with the capacity of 10000mAh, it can support my mobile phone to run all day. In addition, with the LED screen, and build-in cable, I do not have to take my own micro cable. It’s really convenient for me. Anyway, it’s all up to you, to choose the most suitable portable power bank.