Why Can't IOS11.3 Detect Replacement Battery Health?

- Apr 02, 2018-

Friends who have had experience in changing batteries should all find that the iPhone battery has a small circuit board on which various components are integrated, including an exclusive coulomb meter customized by Apple to TI and a built-in coulomb counter for the original battery. Apple's proprietary communications protocol, cell phone power display, battery health testing need to communicate with Coulomb meter to achieve.

The third-party apple battery is generally a cracked version of the coulomb meter, can only be optimized for a certain number of operating systems nowadays, can not be automatically updated with the iOS upgrade, in fact, and third-party USB-C to Lighting fast charging line In the same way, as long as Apple makes minor changes to the communication protocol during the system upgrade, the crack protocol that was previously brushed in will not be properly identified.

As a user how to deal with system upgrades?

1, do not upgrade iOS, replace the iPhone replacement battery. Replacement of reliable third-party batteries (excluding unlicensed knockoffs) generally does not present a major problem because for most third-party Apple battery manufacturers, enough optimization has been done for the old version of iOS. With mature technology, it can be completely comparable to the original.

2, upgrade iOS, replace the iPhone replacement battery. Most current third-party batteries are unable to view the new "Battery Health" item in iOS 11.3. This item affects "peak performance capacity" and third-party batteries cannot be turned "system down" if your third-party battery is new. Up, there is no down-clocking problem, and this "system down" switch has little effect.

3, upgrade iOS, continue to use the original old battery or replace Apple's official original battery. After experiencing the down-clocking incident, the cost of replacing the original Apple battery has been reduced from more than 600 to 218 yuan, although it is still a bit small compared to the third-party battery, but the performance is adequately protected.

Apple's down-clocking event review

At the end of 2017, Apple limited the speed of the old version of the iPhone through system upgrades, and triggered a strong dissatisfaction among users. Apple publicly issued an apology. Apple promises to change the battery for iPhone 6 or later models that are out of warranty through price cuts, and will update the iOS software to allow users to better understand the battery health of the iPhone.

Because Apple needs to make advance reservations to replace the official battery, the queuing time was as long as ten weeks. Therefore, Apple's down-clocking incident has forced a large number of old iPhone users to replace third-party mobile phone batteries. The ability to display third-party battery health is not supported after upgrading iOS11.3.

Although replacing the iPhone replacement battery at this time will not affect the performance, but it is still uncomfortable. WST believes that iPhone replacement battery issue will be improved in the next version update.