What Can We See From The Unqualified MIUI Power Bank? How Can We Choose Portable Mobile Charger?

- Nov 03, 2017-

Not long ago, CCTV "Weekly Quality Report" reported that AQSIQ has a sample inspection on 32 batches of power banks, totally 224 portable mobile charger products. Through testing, there are  no one qualified in the samples, the problem lies on that heavy shock may cause spontaneous short-circuit, the shell of the power bank is not flame-retardant, power capacity is virtual standard, the output voltage is too low or too high, among which the MIUI mobile power is referred to have virtual standard capacity.

Subsequently, MIUI issued a statement through the official microblogging, claiming that the sample being tested was not from the official and authorized channels. MIUI portable mobile charger has been strictly marked in accordance with the actual capacity, and has adopted the rigorous testing of the international authority SGS. Consumers are recommend to buy millet products through regular channels such as MIUI’s official website.

Unlike the past, MIUI fans did not make a response to promote to its response at this time. For a time, MIUI has become a joke to users. The general replies are as follows:

1, Even the AQSIQ can not buy authentic power banks, how can I buy? I’m waiting online for your reply;

2, The State Administration of Quality Supervision is developing the special version of MIUI portable mobile charger, let’s see at eight o'clock tonight;

3, How do you know that MIUI portable mobile charger that select by AQSIQ as sample came from non-millet official and authorized channels?

4, The reason why MIUI is so confident is that CCTV can not simply seize!

5, This response is really awesome, it’s a rare good answer since five thousand years ago;

6, The AQSIQ should buy one more from the official channel to retest. If we cannot believe in the national quality inspection bureau, who can we believe in?

7, I am willing to sending my 10400mah portable mobile charger which I buy on August 16 through official website to AQSIQ to do testing. I can only charge twice for my MIUI2, is it because my phone battery capacity is too big, any solutions?

8. Such professionals are still buying cottage goods? Isn’t this clearly insulting the IQ of the State Administration of Quality Supervision staff?

9, Besides the "temporary workers", this becomes a new perfect excuse. As long as there is a problem, you are buying the fakes... Such strong reason, I actually speechless;

10, The power capacity is proportional to its volume. Such volume like MIUI portable mobile charger can have the biggest capacity of 7000mAH. Generally it would be 6000mAh.

In my opinion, MIUI’s public relations department should take the main responsibility in response to this matter. Firstly, before the reports, they have known the problem while why do they explain eight hours later. Secondly, The products buying from non-official and authorized channels does not represent that it is fake products. Thirdly, SGS is to submit or sample? Fourthly, they did not sent the products to the agency that CCTV referred to for test.

      But we should never lose confidence on these home-made brands. Although the capacity might be virtual ones, as long as the quality is good, we can still believe in it.