We Have 10 Big Errors On Smart Phone Battery

- Dec 20, 2017-

When it comes to mobile batteries, is it mysterious? Or let you despair? In order to be able to use the phone in our hands for a longer time, the user tried a lot of weird ways to improve battery life. However, we may not hear all true, the following is our mobile phone battery there are 10 major errors:

1. Battery has "memory"

People often think that we have to "train" the phone battery to make sure it fills as much battery as possible. To do this, people regularly "drain" their phone's battery and then recharge it. When the battery is still more than 50%, people will not plug in the power charging. The idea that over time, the battery will produce a memory. This view is wrong. If the battery reaches 80%, you can continue to charge, frequent charging will not damage the battery.

2. No-name chargers can damage your battery

Although some brand-name chargers are not the best choice, some may even take longer to fully charge the battery. However, this type of charger will not damage the battery as long as you use it properly. This means that we can go to Target to buy a cheap charger instead of the original factory-configured charger for the phone. However, be aware that when selecting a backup charger, look for a charger that fits your device. Also, do not buy an 8-hour charger that charges your phone for 15 minutes.

3. Entire night charge damage battery

error! Most smartphones are now smart enough to know when the battery is full and stop charging. However, there is a way to extend battery life. Do not charge night after night, try to charge 40% -80% of the charge in most cases, thus ensuring that your battery lasts as long as possible. If you can afford to unplug the power at night, then give it a try.

4. Do not use the phone while charging

One might think that using it while charging a cell phone will have a negative impact on cell phone charge quality. However, unless you are using a poor charger, otherwise, this statement is not accurate. Whether you have a cell phone or not, the battery will charge as expected. We can think of it this way: when you turn off your phone, there is no data synchronization in your phone, but even if you are not using a phone, data synchronization will occur in your phone whenever it is turned on, so it does not matter if you call .

5. Closing the phone can cause damage to the battery

Of course, if you do not use your phone for a long time, the battery will surely be depleted, but it does not matter if you turn off the phone for a short period of time. If you wish, you can also turn off the phone, take out the battery, which will not have an impact on the battery. In fact, for some handsets, simply restart the system can also help to restore battery functionality.

6. You should be able to fully charge the battery before using it for the first time

Many people think that when we buy back the phone, the first thing should be plugged in and fully charged. Remember, smart phone battery best working condition is 40% -80% power. Since most handsets are 50% off when shipped from the factory, it is best to look at the instructions: If you are using a new smartphone for the first time and have less than 40% battery power, you may want to consider getting it back for replacement because the battery has been Used.

7. Putting the battery in the refrigerator prolongs battery life

Some people may try to put the battery in the freezer for a while, think about being able to use the battery for a while, this practice does not work in the past, of course, certainly not work now. In fact, lithium-ion batteries will be "hot" and "cold" adversely affected. Room temperature is the best temperature for smartphone batteries. Keep in mind that your phone is already hot at run time, so do not give it extra heat, cold is also an enemy to lithium-ion batteries.

In addition, we'd better place the device in a well-ventilated area. If we are climbing the phone, do not put the phone in a sealed plastic bag. Although this will prevent the phone from getting into the water, it will be sealed and the heat will affect the phone and the battery. We also need to keep in mind that the damage to the battery is greater than cold and heat.

8. Internet consumption of the largest battery

Remember, the game consumes the most battery power on your phone. Graphics engine is actually a huge energy system. If you often play games on your phone, it is best to dim the screen. But if you play games while charging, it does not matter. However, this also depends on what we look at on the Internet. If we watch video through YouTube, or online games or other activities involving a lot of graphics, then the battery energy consumption will be fast.

9. Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS can extend battery life

This statement is wrong. The real power consumption of these services is the user is using them. If we only turn on Bluetooth but do not use it, we do not consume too much power, just as we would have turned WiFi on at home but not connected to WiFi. Yes, they may consume some electricity, but they will not run out of energy at once. If you really go out and worry about the battery power, the best way is to dim the screen brightness.

10. Task management software can help extend battery life

Third-party task management software has no effect on battery power. These task management software can allow or block part of the task. However, in the end they did not have much built-in system to help battery life. You may need third-party applications to better manage applications, but do not expect them to extend battery life.

The use of these batteries by smart phone batteries and smartphones has been improved every year. However, we need to recognize these errors. Just as a consideration, the user's battery life or can be guaranteed.