We All Know The Shortage Of Nokia Phone Battery Life, Why Can’t Battery Capacity Be Bigger?

- Nov 16, 2017-

The main contradiction for the current smart phone is the conflict between the high-performance and short nokia phone battery life.

For the majority of people, the mobile phone performance is getting stronger and stronger, the application of the scene are becoming abundant, but the nokia phone battery life can not keep pace.

In fact, we can not purely blame on phone nokia phone battery manufacturers. There are many impact factors for battery. Here I would like to make a brief description of the limitations of mobile phone battery capacity.

1. mobile phone market positioning

There are various types of consumers in the mobile phone market, each with their own requirements. Every manufacturer must consider different positioning of the phone according to different consumer demands. As for cell phone nokia phone battery capacity, the key lies in the market position of the mobile phone.

If it is positioned in the practical long nokia phone battery life type, then it will attach more on the battery capacity; if it is high-value-oriented models for young consumers, then it is likely to choose beauty design and sacrifice battery capacity.

2. interior space

In addition to the thickness of the phone, the phone's internal space also limits the nokia phone battery capacity.

Although over time, the integration of the internal components of mobile phones is also rising, it seems that the integration of mobile phone motherboard is not high enough, so there are little reserved space for the nokia phone battery, which also limits the cell phone battery capacity. It is expected that this situation still can not be changed for a period of time.

3. nokia phone battery technology

Unlike the linear growth of the semiconductor industry, nokia phone battery technology is a step-by-step development. Only when a new type of battery material are used, can the cell phone battery have a small range of development.

Nokia phone battery technology development is very slow. There is no breakthrough in the  battery technology, manufacturers can only rely on increasing battery capacity to improve its life. However, as for the current battery technology, if the capacity increase a bit, the corresponding cell phone battery size would increase a lot. High capacity and small size can not both achieve.

To sum up, everyone hopes that digital products can be used all the time without worrying about electricity loss, but the reality tells us that it is impossible. In particular, the seemingly all-powerful flagship phone, nokia phone battery life is always unsatisfactory.

Nokia Phone Battery.jpg

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