Want To Have A Cell Phone Second Battery? You Have To Look At These Power Bank

- Dec 12, 2017-

It is now 2018, after a year, from high to low popularity, and now the phone above the fast charge QC / MTK more and more become standard features. Since mobile phones are able to achieve such a penetration rate, naturally charging treasure should be the case. In fact, at a time when battery technology has not been a big breakthrough for a long time, speeding up charging seems to be something we can do.

Many manufacturers have already sniffed such a trend ahead of time. Therefore,WST can see that many manufacturers have introduced mobile power supplies that support fast charge technology. And because the technology is ripe and the market is scrambled for, the price is falling all the way. Today we come to pick out three power bank to see if there is your lover?

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Usb Portable Power Bank Charger


938 (17).jpg

Has been the design concept, the main white/black color, rectangular design, durable look at the practical cursory, and 10000mAh capacity, dual USB output is to force.

Internal design is more simple, with screws and fire-retardant foam adhesive fixed, the layout of the internal PCB is also more refined, which is used in the WST products and the Thai single-chip + MT2011 single-power management solutions, TI TPS61088A to boost the overall PCB board work well.

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Portable Chargers



The main body tends to be more rounded toward the trend, the whole chamfer around the arc curve for the transition process, and the upper and lower use of the now more popular "3D" transition treatment, especially the back of the shell, combined with the machine more Sleek. This small improvement in some small places, it also led to it looks a bit like a small "wallet."

Not only comes with a micro USB charging cable, charging treasure itself also uses embedded body line design, with flexible removable, plug and play and so on.

The surfaces are all treated with a piano paint process, so it has the obvious advantage over regular brand rechargeable treasure products: it's smooth enough. With the tendon itself tends to sleek appearance, making it feel good after getting started.

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Portable Powerbank



Mobile power bank using bilateral arc candy box shape, the surface in addition to the brand LOGO, almost no other modifications, quite simple. The whole body adopts the dark gray that WST has always loved. The entire shell is injection-molded and the surface is sandblasted. Matte deep-space gray gives a steady and mature business sense. At the same time, the edge of the shell is specially polished, so there is no uncomfortable cutting feeling, the details take care of the place, but also a lot of product quality improvement.

Power switch button, light, input interface and USB output interface all concentrated in the top distribution. Printed on the bottom of the power of the parameter plate, clearly marked with a nominal energy of 37,44Wh, which means that the product can be unobstructed on the plane. In addition, the input, the mobile power bank supply to support the maximum 5V / 2.1A fast charge, save more than ordinary mobile power charging time.