Wanshuntong Introduces Automatic Production Line For IPhone Replacement Batteries.

- Jul 14, 2018-

When it comes to mobile phone batteries, everyone is most concerned about quality and safety. After all, the news of cell phone battery explosions that have been heard in recent years is still vivid. WST Apple mobile phone battery adheres to the use of high-quality raw materials in the materials. Among them, the most important battery of the battery is made of high-quality lithium polymer battery, which will not generate a large amount of gas due to the boiling of the liquid inside the battery, which fundamentally eliminates the possibility of violent explosion. Even after 650 cycles of high-quality batteries, the surface of the battery is still flat, far better than those of inferior batteries.


As a well-known manufacturer of the manufacturing industry, we know that a good product with good design and good raw materials is not enough. The qualified and standardized manufacturing and processing level can finally determine the height of the product. WST Apple mobile phone batteries are produced from the standard fully automated production line, advanced automatic laser spot welding and CDD intelligent sorting, reducing manual technical errors and making the product performance more stable.


Since April 2018, Wanshuntong has officially used a fully automated production line to produce iPhone replacement batteries. This move will greatly increase the productivity of the iPhone battery and allow the resources of the supply chain to flow to the production of other components.