Usb Mobile Power Bank Is Getting Popular But Think About The Future - How Will We Charge?

- Dec 22, 2017-

More and more traditional battery manufacturers began to design and manufacture of Power 

Bank, but this is a time of fashion, a long time later, how to charge the phone?

What kind of charging solution is the most efficient? And the future of charging interface 

What is the layout of the form?

The answer to this question determines whether we need to share a charge treasure, and how it 

should look like.

To a larger point, Usb Mobile Power Bank is only part of the entire charging terminal.

With the development of science and technology, more mobile smart devices need to layout 

charging interfaces or charging solutions to promote the evolution of charging interface 

layout networks. On the other hand, science and technology are likely to intervene to 

transform our charging interaction. In the future, will we no longer need the charging 

interface? At that time, what kind of charging would exist?

If there is a solution we do not need to worry about going out, it can be more efficient. And 

what may happen in the future is that the occasional emergency outbound charging needs of 

people can gradually become a daily requirement.

So the essence of this business is, how to make it easier for consumers to buy electricity, 

and providers can sell more electricity.

As a provider of electrical energy, how to provide such a connection interface? Where to put 

the interface layout? How to reach users efficiently?

What kind of imagination will a business selling electricity?

Businesses may initially be motivated to proactively provide users with services. When 

differentiated charging services are available, they are also natural ads for offline 

businesses, which can drain stores and increase popularity.

Increasing number of players, charging interface is likely to become a standard, then the 

drainage effect will be weakened, the channel began to occupy more voice, the desktop may 

need to pay for the channel, or sell technology and equipment to the business.

Where will the charging interface in the future?

Continue to imagine, in addition to the highest frequency of mobile phones, the future is not 

there more smart devices need to charge?

It is conceivable that the phone's charging interface will be integrated with the entire 

mobile charging system, and in the future we may find interfaces in many public places, such 

as electric cars. In an era of interconnectedness, it is not impossible to lay out interfaces 

on more objects.

It can be expected that the future charging interface will be coordinated with the overall 

mobile charging system.

If charging does not require an interface what will happen?

Released iPhone8 is expected to support wireless charging and fast charging technology, 

wireless charging may support charging within 5 meters.

If future charging is as simple and free as WiFi, if "WiFi" fills the entire activity space 

and no longer requires any interface, all infrastructure layouts for charging will change.