Those You Want To Know ,the IPhone8 Wireless Charging Problem, All In This

- Oct 31, 2017-

Now, the mobile phone industry is to "simplify" as an important direction of development, the previous entity Home key gradually replaced, 3.5MM headphone hole now the new models have begun to give up, then the future can even the phone charging port is also a And cancel it? The answer is wireless charging.

The little knowledge about wireless charging

The iPhone8 / X uses the Qi (Chee) wireless charging standard, plus two mainstream wireless charging standards: Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP). Where Qi was introduced by WPC, the industry-standard organization of the first wireless charging, and PMA and A4MP were merged into the new AirFuel Alliance.

Protocol standards are only second, according to the working principle, the market is more common wireless charging can be divided into two kinds: electromagnetic induction and magnetic resonance:

Electromagnetic induction wireless charging As the name suggests, the use of electric magnetism - magnetic electromagnetic induction principle, that is, "electricity" and "magnetic" can be achieved mutual conversion. Mobile phone and wireless charger are placed at both ends of the receiving / transmitting coil, the wireless charger current through the transmitter coil to produce a magnetic field, the phone receiver side of the coil near the magnetic field will produce current, after the phone built-in rectifier voltage regulator circuit can be converted into Use DC DC.

Ah, is not looking at this principle a little headache. Popular point, the electromagnetic induction wireless charging and general transformers, household induction cooker works are similar, and Apple's use of wireless charging program is also part of this category.

As for the magnetic resonance wireless charging is relatively more complex, through the outward transmission of electromagnetic waves to transmit electricity, and the transmission distance far more than electromagnetic induction wireless charging, magnetic resonance technology is improved by an order of magnitude, but the charging efficiency from the magnetic induction of 70% -75% Down to less than 50%. This also leads to the fact that magnetic resonance wireless charging has so far not appeared on consumer electronics with fewer major causes.

In fact, due to technical constraints, and now we can use the basic wireless charging are required to correctly placed on the charging board on the job. Bluntly, the phone can not leave the charging board, the two must be fit.

iPhone8 wireless charging still exists a few outstanding problems.

1, alignment position is a bit difficult

The phone and the charging board, or the receiving / transmitting coil, must be tightly attached to the normal charge, and when it is really used to find it does not look so easy. To this five with the Qi standard wireless charging board, for example, due to the different brands of wireless charging board design is different from the beginning of the experience familiar with the charging board and the phone between the coil position has become a top priority, but the problem remains Is that break, and sometimes "obviously feel the phone has been put," and found that still did not charge, which at the beginning of the beginning is very easy to happen.

Is there a way to improve? Have! This responsibility is the charge board manufacturers, a simple dismantling and found that the wireless charging board built-in is a single transmitter coil, if the replacement of two or more than the launch coil is equal to expand the available area of ??the focal area, you can better solve the focus Difficult problem. But more than a launch coil, equal to a group of modules, the cost difference between the two costs, how many manufacturers would like to do?

2, the charging distance is too short

Charging distance "short" is a major cause of early wireless charging technology. Qi wireless charging standard provides effective charge distance of 10mm or less, which is mainly to avoid electromagnetic radiation on the human body have an impact. But in the early years really used the wireless charging function of the friends believe still remember that the real charge distance is far below, the specific performance is accidentally wearing a set of love machine, wireless charging immediately GG. Lao Huang used to use Lumia 920, you must off the "clothes" (phone shell) to charge the problems, and now replaced by the word Apple phone phone added to the apple but how much progress. Free to find two non-metallic phone case shell in the iPhone8 tried it, the wireless charging board can be normal charge. Note that if you are using a metal protective shell friends can not remember with a set of charge, not only the iPhone8 can not charge, metal shell placed directly on the wireless charger is dangerous!

But even if there is improvement, this distance is still no essential upgrade, for the user can accommodate the degree of freedom is still not enough, which compared to the cable charge 1-2 square meters of the range of activities a bit pitiful, most do not optimistic Wireless charging friends are also almost for this reason. It is worth mentioning that the current foreign has a new generation of wireless charging products released, can be achieved about 2 meters away from the wireless charging, and adapt iPhone8 / iPhone X and other models, when the popularity of Apple have to see these big manufacturers are willing to We push forward.

3, the charging speed is slow, and the heat is large

Mobile fast since the development since 15 years is very rapid, which made several major mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei, Meizu also have a corresponding fast charge technology. Give a simple example, now filled with 3000mAh battery, most of the mobile phone manufacturers can do wire charging about 2 hours. In contrast this year, Apple is also a new device to join the PD fast charge function, and wireless charging even with Apple's official certification charging board, the maximum publicity is only 7.5W, in the face of competitors, Samsung 15W wireless fast charge directly less than half, more Do not move is more than 18W wired fast charge technology.

Whether it is wired or wireless charging, the charger is a normal thing to heat up.However, cable charging case, the phone and the charger will not be in direct contact, so generally do not heat the charger can not affect the phone body temperature; Charging may be different, and long down, especially with poor quality charging board, will not have an impact on the phone can be difficult to say.

Believe that the iPhone8 wireless charging, you have these questions

Q: iPhone8 often use wireless charging will shorten battery life?

A: very classic! This is also the previous nickel-metal hydride batteries left after-effects. Early nickel-metal hydride batteries do have a very serious "memory effect", resulting in its life will be based on "charge times" change. But now we have the most common battery has been changed to lithium batteries, the biggest progress is to avoid the impact of the memory effect. Many domestic and foreign research institutions have shown that the experimental results show that the battery life of the former is longer than that of the "recharge with the charge and the charge" The In simple terms, often for mobile phone charging to extend battery life has a positive effect, can also be understood as a maintenance of mobile phone batteries.

Q: iPhone8 wireless charging electromagnetic radiation will not be harmful to the human body?

A: No. Why, power is too small.Frankly speaking, if you are concerned about the electromagnetic radiation caused by wireless charging, then the home with the cooker, kettle, and even around the PC host, etc., these electrical equipment can not be used, because they caused the electromagnetic radiation value is far Higher than the wireless charger.

Q: Does iPhone8 wireless charge have an impact on other devices?

A: Basically not. iPhone8 wireless charging standard for the use of Qi, the development of frequency specifications for the 110-205kHz, which is the vast majority of wireless devices are not in a band, so can not cause impact.

Q: How long will the wireless charger be charged?

A: No. When the wireless charger no load, that is not charging, the vast majority of wireless charger will automatically enter the "standby" mode. And because of the different work with the cable charger, wireless charger standby power is only 100-150 mW, even more than a number of cable fast charge adapter standby power consumption even lower.