Things About WST Power Bank Offer

- Oct 18, 2017-

With the enhancement of mobile phone performance and the enlargement of the screen, the battery life is bound to be shorter. The popularity of smart phones, integrated design and relatively standstill of battery technology, makes power bank offers become essential accessories in travel. How to choose the most suitable power bank offer from different colors and different battery capacity? Today, I want to talk about things about power bank offers.


1. Large or mini volume


Mobile power is inseparable from the word "mobile". Portability is the primary issue to be considered. You need to weigh its volume before purchasing. Some power bank offers, of which the  capacity is about 10000mAh, have very large volume. Although they can charge for tablet PCs,  they are not suitable for daily carry.


In general, power bank offers which can fully charge for the phone once (about 5000mAh), and have small volume would be a good choice for daily commute.



2. Capacity is the key


The battery capacity of the power bank offer is generally expressed as "mAh" (milliampere per hour). The larger the number is, naturally its more attractive. Before purchasing, you need to know about the battery capacity of your own device, which is conducive to convert the performance of the power bank offer. For example, the battery capacity of your phone is 1500mAh. A power bank offer of which the capacity is 5000mAh, theoretically can charge your phone for about 3.3 times.


But in fact, the power bank offer itself uses the lithium battery material which has the characteristic of self-discharge, coupled with the loss of discharge, basically the theoretical charge times can not be achieved. For example, the power bank offer in the above example, the performance can be regarded as ok if it can charge the phone for 2.5 times.


3. The output current determines the charging time


The output current is a parameter that can not be ignored. It is usually indicated by "A" (amperes). The output current will determine the charging time, as well as the applicable devices. In general, the maximum current that phone requires is 1A, while tablet requires more than 2A.


Therefore, when purchasing power bank offers, we can consider products which have dual USB interface, and different output current, such as 1A + 2.1A configuration, so as to meet the charging needs for both mobile phone and tablet computer.


4. The control chip is related to safety


Since power bank offer actually uses an integrated circuit to control the discharge, the control chip is also very important as it can identify the device charging status and change the behavior of the charger accordingly. In general, power bank offers with advanced features such as fast charging, excellent security protection, use better control chip, therefore they are relatively more secure.


Some power bank offers which are cheap while have a large capacity, besides having poor battery performance, use cheap control chip. Therefore its security can not be guaranteed. Different price comes with different quality of product. We must be careful when purchasing.


5. The quality of the battery can not be ignored


Although power bank offers look almost the same, but their inherence are apparently different. That determines the cost is the above-mentioned control chip as well as lithium battery itself. Generally, battery performance and reputation of well-known international manufacturers are quite good. Choosing manufacturers which have their own brand and have good reputation can lessen your choose time. Here I recommend one brand, WST, Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., LTD. With high quality and unique designs, it has been manufactured OST products for about 20 years and have been sold to all over the world. WST DP612, with its build-in micro cable design, it greatly facilitates consumers usage.

 power bank offer.jpg

Of course, the price is also a key point. That is expensive is not necessarily the best, but low-cost power bank offer which uses poor lithium battery could not have good performance.


6. Forget the "memory effect"


The same as mobile phones, "memory effect" does not exist in power bank offer which uses lithium battery, therefore there is no need to continuously charge and discharge for 12 hours at the first time of usage. Of course, if you reuse it after a long time, it is necessary to completely discharge it at least once.


In general, the charging cycle of lithium battery is about 500 times, then the battery capacity will be less and less, so the life of power bank offer is roughly the same as the phone.