These Metal Case Power Banks Is Easy To Explode!

- Nov 27, 2017-

The virtual capacity problem of metal case power banks has lasted for a long time. Many people would worry whether it would self ignite or explode suddenly. For so many years’ development, the quality of power banks should be increased, but recently, Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision has made a quality investigation of the power banks in Guangdong and found that the unqualified rate is as high as 36.3%. In addition to the existence of the virtual capacity problems, there are also the risk of explosion and fire.

Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision test a total of 80 batches of metal case power banks, of which 29 batches are substandard products, which mainly lies in two aspects: gravity strike and flame retardant requirements. Among the unqualified 29 batches of power bank products, there are 18 batches of products fail in heavy impact project, and another 14 batches of power banks failed in fire-retardant projects.

Besides the test on the above requirement of quality, there are another aspect of the requirement, that is the virtual capacity. There are products that the actual product capacity is only 40% of the marked capacity. Such results no doubt make us worry that if our metal case power bank is of good quality or not. And how to buy a high-quality power bank has also become the focus of discussion.

The ultimate pursuit of the price and low threshold of the metal case power banks makes the field of power bank become extremely confusing. Replacing the batteries with sand is somewhat extreme, but it’s rather common that manufacturers use second-hand batteries to make mobile power, especially small brands. Although Class B and Class C batteries are short in life and the quality can not be guaranteed, the low prices still make small and medium-sized manufacturers risk to do it.

According to the purchase experience in other product areas, select the first-line products manufacturers can more easily get quality assurance. Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd, for example, as professional manufacturer of 17 years, it provide the top service and top quality products to customers all around the world.

In addition to the quality of their own components, the consumer habits is also very important. Many people simply did not pay attention to the life of the metal case power banks, as long as it still can be used.
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The life of the lithium-polymer battery power bank have longer life than the lithium-ion battery, but it does not mean that it can be used for long. It is recommended that you throw away the metal case power banks after using about two years. After we use the power banks are used for 2 years, we’d better initiatively replace the mobile power and throw it away directly, regardless of any danger caused by it.