The World's First Railway With Wireless Charging Was Born!

- Nov 27, 2018-

According to British media COMPELO, the world's first train wireless charging system will be launched this month in London's Waterloo, Bournemouth and Weymouth's UK Southwest Railway.

According to reports, the system will be able to provide wireless charging services for any device that supports Qi standard or wireless charging function. Users can easily experience this service by simply placing the device on a wireless charging pad that has been integrated into the first-class car table.

It is worth mentioning that the system will be compatible with more than 130 mobile devices, including the latest Samsung and Apple products.

In fact, long before this, wireless charging company Aircharge has launched the first train wireless charging system in cooperation with Baker Bellfield, a company that provides internal solutions for the railway sector. Once the refurbishment plan is completed, the company's more than 170 trains will have inductive charging.

"Wireless charging represents the future of mobile device charging, and the partnership with Aircharge will enable us to create new standards for the railway rolling stock industry and other industries," said Robert Wilkin, business development manager at Baker Bellfield.

Wireless charging in public transportation

Aircharge is committed to applying wireless charging technology to more public transportation services, and recently announced a partnership with bus manufacturer Optare.

According to Aircharge, wireless charging uses the principle of inductive charging, in which an electromagnetic field transfers electrical energy from a coil in a charging pad to a coil in the device battery. In the near future, they will be providing wireless charging services on bus routes in London, Reading, Leeds and Yorkshire.

The concept of wireless charging has been used in electric toothbrushes for many years, but its potential is now just beginning to appear in handheld/portable devices.

Steve Liquorish, CEO and founder of Aircharge, said that so far, they have deployed their solutions on buses and multiple airports and train stations in the UK rail network, Europe, the US and the Middle East.

“Expanding to trains strengthens our position as a leading supplier to the transportation industry, enhances our public space proposition, and provides users with convenient solutions where they need to keep their phones charged.” Aircharge CEO and Founder Steve Liquorish said.