The United States Will Enact A Bill: Cell Phone Batteries Must Be Removable

- Feb 23, 2018-

Recently, we saw that the United States plans to enact a bill: smart phone batteries must be removable. Although the phone's built-in battery design has to some extent enhanced the beauty and slimness of the phone, Washington DC said: "The cell phone battery glued to the motherboard, artificially increased the difficulty of overhauling and repairing, not environmentally friendly and Reuse of the principle, so the battery must be removable and replaceable, which is to greatly increase the maintainability of battery products, since then this model will be fully extended to the country.

Obviously, in the United States is the first to bear the Apple, after all, in the United States most well-known mobile phone brand is Apple. For Apple, the phone is designed to be removable battery is simply to be reborn, presumably Apple will be a headache.

Since the late leader Steve Jobs brought the first smartphone iPhone, after ten years of evolution, has been the use of embedded battery design, the user failed to replace the battery. In recent years, the mobile phone manufacturers have gradually abandoned the selling point of the replaceable battery as the pursuit of aesthetically pleasing and slim and light-weight product design has led to a series of problems arising from the "shortcomings" of Apple, including: maintenance difficulties, Increased waste.

In order to solve the above chain problem, Washington State proposed to legislate to make the unmanageable electronic products illegal and scheduled to be implemented in January 2019, and the bill is expected to be pushed to the entire United States. This means that all users can not replace their batteries, Or need to go to the designated service center to replace the parts or repair of electronic products, will become "contraband", can not be sold in the United States market? !

The Washington State took the lead in the maintenance of electronic products legislation, the specific content of which said that the cell phone battery glue to the motherboard, not only increase the difficulty of repair and maintenance, nor in line with environmental protection and recycling principles, so the battery must It is removable and replaceable.

In addition, there are other electronic products that can not be restored to their original status after being disassembled. For example, AirPods and Microsoft Surface Laptop are also illegal. Once the bill is implemented in January 2019, the manufacturer must redesign the products complying with the act. Can be sold in Washington State. Up to now, as many as 17 states have responded to this act, which is expected to reach the United States.

External analysis refers to the bill was passed by the Washington state and proposed early next year the implementation of the entire electronics industry in the United States has a huge impact, especially Apple, because of Apple products have always been to design aesthetic and good use of the experience to do the lead, the implementation of this case nationwide, Apple Future new products, such as the most popular iPhone, will have to give up the all-in-one body and return the design of the back cover that has been popular in the mobile phone industry many years ago.

When the news came out, many technology electronics companies in the United States said that they oppose the bill, including: Apple, Microsoft, Verizon, Comcast, etc. For the moment, however, it is unclear whether the objection will shake the determination of the Washington state government over legislation. However, Indeed will call a lot of head marks on electronics companies endless.

This bill may have some connection with the "old battery make iphone slow" incident, after all, this incident attracted a lot of criticism. Despite this, it seems that Apple did not seem to reduce the enthusiasm for the product, Apple's foundry factory is still bright lights, manufacturing machines at full speed. Perhaps many users have felt a bit chilling on Apple, to Apple's official replacement of the original battery is only back to the origin Bale, then there is no better than the original battery replacement program?