The New IPad Pro Has A Charging Power Of Up To 32W And Uses A WST Charger For Faster Charging.

- Nov 22, 2018-

On October 30, Apple released a new iPad Pro. The new iPad Pro uses the A12X Bionic bionic processor, which has greatly improved performance compared to the previous generation. Not only performance, but also a big change in appearance, Apple canceled the Home button on the new iPad Pro, without any buttons on the front, conforming to the trend of the current full screen, more simple and beautiful. But compared to these, what makes WST more concerned is its charging interface, which changed from the previous Lightning to USB-C.

The USB-C interface has a greater advantage than the Lightning interface: 1. The USB-C interface has a faster transmission speed of up to 10 Gbps, and if it is a lightning 3, it can reach 40 Gbps. 2. The USB-C interface has a higher power carrying capacity, up to 100W (20V/5A), and the Lightning interface cannot reach this power. 3, USB-C port is more versatile, more open, the interface can be used in mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other equipment, a data line has been able to eat different brands of digital products has become possible.

Because USB-C has so many advantages, Apple abandoned its own Lightning interface on the new iPad Pro released this year, using a more versatile and better-performing USB-C interface.

New iPad Pro charging power up to 32W

Not only the interface changes, Apple also comes standard with a 18W PD charger for the new iPad Pro. In the small series test, this standard original charger can charge up to 17.41W (voltage 9.07V, Current 1.91A).

Because of the replacement of data and charging interface, the new iPad Pro is more user-friendly than the old iPad Pro. It can be directly projected on the display and can be connected directly to the camera. We don't need to purchase additional adapters. It is more convenient to use. In terms of versatility, because of the USB-C interface, even a friend who uses an Android phone can have a data cable to charge it. In terms of charging power, the new iPad Pro also brought an upgrade. When using the standard charger to charge it, the power is only 17.41W. When using the WST charger to charge it, the power can reach 32W, and the charging speed is faster, saving us. Valuable time.