The Legendary Never-aging Battery Is Real?

- Nov 07, 2017-

If 10 years ago, we talk about power bank, you can charge your cell phone anytime, anywhere, then this person may be considered brain damage, because then the phone charge a power 3,4 days or even a week, There is no problem at all. Now is not the same, intelligent machines everywhere blossom, big screen! high performance! Resulting in a surge in power consumption of mobile phones, mobile power also has its strong market, but with more and more mobile power! That abandoned mobile power handling has become a big problem! Today we will talk about the waste of mobile power that little thing.

Before talking about how to deal with abandoned mobile battery, Xiaobian I would like to talk about last week's battery news.

mobile battery.jpg

News about the United States University of California Irvine developed a new lithium battery. The study, led by my PhD student Mya Le Thai, plated manganese dioxide on a nanowire and wrapped it in a plexiglass-like gel. Nanowires thinner than the hair thousand times, and have excellent conductivity, but also store and transfer large amounts of electrons. But because of its own too fragile, repeated use easily broken. But because of its own too fragile, repeated use easily broken. After Mya Le Thai's treatment, the nanowire becomes more reliable, and finally is expected to put into practical application. (In fact, you can understand the principle of I said it?)

In short, if the battery is really applied to our actual mobile phone later, it can be said that this battery is the legendary never-aging battery, because at present, the battery test items have been Over 200,000 repeated charge and discharge tests, there has been no sign of power down or fragmentation.

But the news belongs to the news, before there is a lot of news about the new battery material, but so far has been widely used in the battery or no practical breakthrough. By now, the battery we use will be over time, life expectancy will continue to weaken, and this is what we know the common sense.