Sorry, We Are Certified BSCI Strength Manufacturer

- Nov 07, 2017-

BSCI refers to the Business Social Compliance Initiative. It is an initiative of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA). All BSCI participants are also FTA members and share the FTA vision of “Free Trade. Sustainable Trade”. To fulfill this vision, BSCI has been given specific governance bodies through which BSCI companies are invited to actively take part, to develop and implement an excellent system for improved working conditions in the global supply chain.

It includes compliance with laws, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, prohibition of discrimination, compensation, working hours, workplace safety, the prohibition of child labor, the prohibition of forced labor, the environment and safety problem.


  1. Background

In March 2003, The FTA, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, formally established the Business Initiative BSCI, a social responsibility organization. BSCI has attracted more than 180 members from 11 countries, most of them are retailers and buyers in Europe. Such as AVE, COOP, Hema, ICA, JC, LIDL, ALDI, Lindex, M & S, MGB, Perry Sport, Tom Tailor, The Cotton Group and so on. They would actively promote suppliers from all over the world to accept BSCI inspection by improving their human rights conditions. 

2. Features

BSCI certification is accepted by many European brands and retailers such as C & A, COOP, ESPRIT, METRO GROUP and OBI. It provides standardized management for all companies in all countries; it is open to retailers, importers and manufacturers; applies to all consumer products manufacturing companies; it provides coordination of databases, information sharing, and optimization procedures. 


3. Range

BSCI is suitable for all industries, including cloths, battery, etc.


4. Advantages

Fulfill guest's request; deal with different guests with one certification - reducing the times different buyers conducting inspection of the factory at different times; enhance the factory's image and status; guide and consult the management layer of the retail company, improve the management system; improve the relationship with employees; increase productivity and profit; minimize potential business risks such as injuries or deaths, legal proceedings or loss of orders. Supporting suppliers economically to improve social standards, encouraging government to take action, develop bilateral aid and make international organizations take part in, laying the solid foundation for long-term development.

Simply speaking, , BSCI is to prove the factory responsibility and concern to the factory workers! The foundation of a good product must be the factory management. A good factory management is reflected in the responsibility it takes to the workers, so that workers would have a sense of belonging, redouble their efforts to work, so as to make excellent products!

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This also validates the creation of WST (Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd), to make products with sincerity, create brand with quality. As a manufacturer of power bank and battery, specializing in making top-quality power banks and batteries, WST has passed BSCI. It has taken up a large market share in China and more than 60 countries, with good quality items and top service.