Scientists Insert A Fire Extinguisher In The Cell Phone Battery, Battery Explosion Would Become The Past Tense

- Dec 09, 2017-

No one wants their smart phones to catch fire or even lead to tragedies because of the cell phone battery overheating. In order to eliminate people’s concerns about the potential safety hazard of such batteries, scientists of Tokyo University have developed a new technology that can put the fire extinguishing agent inside a standard cell battery, making the tragedy of cell phone explosion become the past tense. This research result is published in the "Nature - Energy" magazine.

Even though modern cell phone battery technology is safe, there is always the risk of fire if the equipment is not handled properly or thoroughly tested. Although this risk is small, but it is enough to make people have doubts about their own devices, especially after the Samsung mobile phone explosion scandal. Now, scientists have developed a new technology that can insert extinguishing agents into the phone battery, completely eliminate this hidden danger.

Lithium batteries are currently one of the most common batteries used in cell phones and electric vehicles. Whether it is lithium cell phone battery or sodium-ion battery technology that has tremendous growth potential, organic electrolytes are used to make current flow through the cell battery. The paper states: "The ultimate solution to the phone battery fire and explosion is to use a non-flammable electrolyte, however, non-flammable electrolytes are often designed at the expense of battery performance."

The team paid their attention to the flame retardant trimethyl phosphate (TMP), regard it as part of the electrolyte to eliminate the risk of fire. In addition, scientists also increased the salt concentration in the electrolyte, reducing the overall volatility of the mixture to ensure that the cell phone battery anode maintains a high voltage level. Verification results show that we have proposed the idea of developing a safe and durable rechargeable phone battery is feasible. "

According to their test results, the new solvent showed negligible volatility at 150 degrees Celsius. This is undoubtedly good news for mobile phone users. If you use this fire-proof cell phone battery, under normal use, no matter how you toss the phone, you do not have to worry about the phone since overheating and burning. Scientists say other than TMP flame retardants and non-flammable solvents can also be used for electrolyte design.

Fire performance means that larger and larger batteries can be developed in the future. Like all innovative cell phone battery technologies, this technology also takes time to polish to get from the lab into the phones we bring with us everyday. However, scientists have taken a significant step on this right path. All thanks to changing the chemical composition of the electrolyte. The researchers pointed out that traditional electrolytes are a potential fuel, in addition, the battery will use other flammable materials, once the fire will fuel the fire. "This new type of electrolyte is no longer a dangerous fuel, but act as an effective fire extinguisher."

Although there is pleasant news in the research of cell phone battery, the application of this technology would still be a long time for us. It would have to be tested of the stability and the other elements. So currently what we can do is just to use batteries from reliable suppliers, like Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd. With strict quality control system, it has been supplying the phone battery for 18 years and have taken large market share.