Samsung's New Patent: Long Distance Wireless Charging!

- Mar 24, 2018-

According to a report by the foreign media Galaxy Club, there are patents showing that Samsung is developing its own wireless charging system that can charge mobile phones, tablet computers, etc. in a truly wireless manner, thus eliminating the need to place the mobile phone in one place.


From the picture, the patent describes a way to focus energy, rather than pure transmitter technology. It is implemented in a manner similar to WiFi by bypassing obstacles with the aid of a reflector to concentrate energy on the device.

As for the wireless charging technology that it uses, it is supposed to be radio frequency (RF) technology because of long-distance wireless charging. Samsung is a member of the AirFuel Wireless Charging Alliance, and AirFuel mainly promotes Resonant and RF charging. One AirFuel resonance technology not only has more freedom in space, but also can charge multiple devices at the same time, and the maximum charging height can reach 50 mm. AirFuel RF technology can be used for low-power charging in a range of a few centimeters to a meter and truly free space.


However, it should be noted that the patent is only an idea after all. The specific details of this technology are not yet clear. Perhaps Samsung is only trying to occupy a leading position in the relevant field, so it does not mean that it can eventually be officially commercialized.