Samsung Declare The Successful Research And Development Of Graphene Battery Mobile Charger!

- Nov 28, 2017-

The current mobile technology is developed so fast that we can not imagine. While there is an important technological limitation that severely suppresses the imagination of mobile phone manufacturers. All new functions must be considered on the premise of it. It is the battery mobile charger. Yes, although battery technology is improving in recent years, the pace is very slow. In fact, not just mobile phones, all walks of life are so.

Once the battery mobile charger technology breaks through the existing bottlenecks, I believes that human technology will make a big step forward to the point that you would marvel. But by the end of 2017, Samsung has brought us a great news about the battery! It means that our cell phone life would leap in a few years. Samsung Electronics announced today that it has developed a graphene mobile battery technology that can improve the battery charger capacity and boost the charging speed to five times the current standard.

The graphene has an electron mobility of about 140 times that of silicon, so it is also considered as the perfect material for batteries. And Samsung's newly developed "graphene balls" battery mobile charger takes just 12 minutes to be fully charged. In contrast, the existing batteries should take an hour to fully fill. 

Not only so, the battery mobile charger capacity of such graphene-based battery charger are 45% higher than the current battery on the market. In other words, using such batteries made of grapheme ball, the battery capacity can be made much higher and the charging much faster while maintaining the same volume. This means that with the same volume and thickness, the phone battery case that is only 3000 mAh can now install 5,000 mAh.

Since the explosion of Samsung Note7 last year, Samsung has place much emphasis on the battery mobile charger research and development. However, since Samsung has now patented this new mobile battery technology, it is conceivable that in the near future, it will only be used on Samsung's own mobile phones.

However, referring to grapheme, we have to mention Huawei. In fact, as early as last year, Huawei Central Watt Laboratory have announced the successful development of the first high-temperature long-life graphene-assisted lithium-ion battery mobile charger. It can withstand higher temperature, and its service life is 2 times of the ordinary lithium-ion battery case. This technology is equally powerful, bringing innovation to battery case energy storage. But in terms of technology, Samsung is better.

In the next mobile phone war, in addition to components and appearance, the battery mobile charger would absolutely be the next battlefield.

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