Power Off Again? You Need These Five Power Banks

- Sep 21, 2017-

In modern society, most friends are anxious about lack of mobile power.

If the mobile battery gauge turns to 12%, people may be anxious. If mobile power is only 50% left,people may be agonizing; even if there is still 87% left, they must be nagging.

Now, lets talk about something about power bank.


The first power bank is WST Model WP926.Describe it in one word-- the king of most cost-effective power banks.It can sufficiently support the mainstream mobile phone in the market. Its battery cell with 9 protection is made of more advanced Lithium polymer. The percentage of power conversion is up to 95%. At the same time, Model WP926 support 2-way quick charge and smart charge. Last but not least, its price is low. You can purchase it from rather convenient method, such as TMALL, ALIEXPRESS, AMAZON and also 1688.com. Thats very attractive.


The second one is WST Model DP520.Describe it in one word--the queen of the best looking power banks.There are a group of people who choose external mobile charger because of its appearance rather than its capacity or safety performance.As for these people, WST Model DP520 will be their best choice. Its ultra slim and thin, which looks like a credit card. There are 4 colors for choosing,including white,black,green and orange.DP520 will give you a colorful and fashionable experience.


Is the lager capacity, the better?

When we do shopping, we wold like to compare similar products quality and price. All we want is to buy good-quality product with less money.However, if we can pay little money to purchase a power bank of high capacity?Definitely not. As we know that 20000mah power bank belongs to high capacity series.Recently, when friends search the internet we can find a large number of 50000mah or even 80000mah power bank. And their average price is almost the same as 10000mah power bank?How surprising it is. There is an old saying in China:You get what you pay. We doubt that if those so-called 50000mah or even 80000mah power banks are with real capacity,or if they are use inferior battery cells?Actually, many customers buy those 10 times for charge mobile power bank and find out they can even not support for one time full charge for a mobile.There is one point we should pay attention to is that power capacity and volume are directly related with cost--Higher capacity,larger volume and higher cost.


To make a conclusion, what kind of power bank we should choose is based on what we need, but not blindly higher capacity.As long as it meets our daily use,made by regular factory with brand and meets our budget, it is a suitable power bank.