Power Bank Manufacturers To Explain The Reasons For The Differences In Power Bank Prices

- Sep 26, 2017-

Being a power bank manufacturer,Wanshuntong understand that the power banks are many brands and many types. of course, the price is not the same. Many people have questioned: "What is the reason for the difference in the price of power bank? In fact, this question has very good answer, you will learn from the following aspects.


First: the difference in battery capacity


In theory, if the capacity of the battery is not a virtual standard, the general power bank capacity of the larger, the price will be higher accordingly.


Second: the difference between the quality and safety of batteries


Power bank manufacturers believe , an important reason is the quality of the battery ,it affected the same capacity but difference supply offer ,low price mean low quality .

Battery’s shell material is different, but also is affect the price difference between the important factors. Power bank manufacturers believe that the purchase of different channels, will also affect its price.

Because some power bank with imported batteries, but also useful in the quality of the batteries also have A products, B products and C products of the parting; and even some manufacturers use second-hand batteries and disassemble batteries, its offer The difference will be greater.


Third: circuit board (PCBA) quality and circuit design differences


Power bank manufacturers believe that the high quality of power bank ,need to using high-quality electronic components and circuit boards.And need multiple protection circuit design, it improve the charge and discharge circuit.Still need constant temperature and pressure, overcharge, over discharge, overcurrent, short circuit and other multiple design, for you and your equipment to create a safe use of the environment. And those low prices of the brand does not improve the technology, can not protect your use of security, so when you choose to choose a reliable quality power bank manufacturers.


Fourth: shell material differences


Power bank manufacturers believe ,power bank’s shell using ordinary plastic or ordinary metal material. Not only poor heat dissipation, and easy to deformation, affect the appearance of power bank.But some cheap brands use with low-quality materials, the shell will lead to spontaneous combustion and other threats.Being a good power bank manufacturer,WST understand that the good power bank supply is generally PC + ABS material. But ordinary power is not, so this is one of the main reasons for the price difference.


Power bank to people's lives to bring great convenience, but its price is very different, many people do not understand the contrast. However, I believe you read the above description, you can know what is the reason for the price difference caused by power bank, and choose a professional for their own power bank manufacturer.