Power Bank Manufacturers Customized Products Process

- Sep 26, 2017-

Power bank is essential in modern life.The same items, so many power bank manufacturers, the products produced by their own characteristics. Some manufacturers can also provide customized products for enterprises and individuals, in the power bank printed on the special mark to become the gift of business. Then the professional design of the power bank manufacturer Wanshuntong technology in the production of customized products which process?


1, to determine the product logo and printing methods: If you need to customize the power bank of the customer product quality is not too much special requirements, only need to ensure that a beautiful appearance can be. So in order to play the role of publicity and advertising, power bank manufacturers in its custom, it will be in the product shell with silk screen, printing, water transfer, thermal transfer, laser carving and other printed on a variety of printing Enterprise customers provide the logo and text. The specific use of which method will be based on customer selected product type of material, quantity and price and specific business to determine.


2, to determine the product quality configuration customization: Customers in the power bank manufacturers to customize products, the market can be based on the configuration of popular products to customize the configuration of the product to choose the level. Once the customer has selected the configuration, the power bank manufacturer will be able to produce the product as required, including the option of adjusting the appearance, the battery solution, the pcba board, the wire, and the packaging.


3, the product to add or reduce the function of custom:


If the enterprise customers are not satisfied with the products currently on the market, but want to increase or reduce their function according to their own ideas, then the power bank manufacturers can also be based on specific requirements of these features reflected in the customized products. For example, you can increase the lamp power on the power bank, increase the stent function and so on.


The above three parts is the power bank manufacturer Wan Shun Tong technology what to do in the enterprise customers to customize the standard process, manufacturers in accordance with the requirements of customers proofing, the customer side after the satisfaction of the production process. In general, customized power bank is always a gift as a small gift to their customers, so the appearance of custom products more valued, so the appearance and quality of customized products is equally important.


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