Power Bank Case Manufacturers Speed Up Shuffling, Numbers Drop From 5000 To 500

- Oct 11, 2017-

"In 2014, the entire power bank case (power bank case) industry gets into an era of integration, the number of manufacturing enterprises dropped suddenly from the previous 5000 to around 500 at the end of 2014." At China Power bank case Industry Annual Brand Marketing Forum in 2015, Yu Qingjiao, the CEO of China Battery network, stated to the reporter of "Daily Economic News".


In addition, "safety requirements for portable electronic products with lithium-ion battery and battery", the first domestic power bank case national mandatory standard, carried out officially on August 1st, 2015. The new national standard for power bank case includes more than 30 data indicators. It is believed in the industry that the standard have covered all angle of the power bank case test, without any dead angle. A number of industry experts expect that the power bank case industry would further concentrates. The enterprises will be reduced to 20 to 30 or so.


With the rapid development of power bank case, "capacity virtual standard", "price confusion", "security worries" and other issues continue to appear. The quality of power bank case in the market varies as well. Wu Hui, general manager of CCID Consulting Investment Strategy Consulting Center, told reporters frankly, the previous power bank case industry competes disorderly, because there is no standard at all.


We have learned that in May in 2014, the industry standard "power bank case with USB interface" officially carried out, but as the standard is not mandatory, there are very few responders to it. Wu Hui said that the carryout of the new national standard will greatly enhance the threshold of the safety of power bank case, thus standardize the market order. We also learned that the Shenzhen Power bank case Society standards are also announced in May in 2015.


Although the industry speeds up reshuffling, the scale of the power bank case market is still steadily improving. "2014 China Power bank case Market Research Report" shows that from 2011 to 2014, the scale of power bank case market was 3.4 billion yuan, 5.8 billion yuan, 10.5 billion yuan, 16.5 billion yuan. Wu Hui expected that the size of the domestic power bank case market is expected to surpass 20 billion yuan in 2015, up to 22 billion yuan, 51.72% higher compared with the previous year, and would reach 32 billion yuan in 2016.


"At present the entire power bank case industry capital market operation is almost zero. There is no such listed companies which relies on power bank case, there is no acquisition of any power bank case manufacturers as well, which is quite a pity currently in the industry." Wu Hui indicates , The current lithium-ion battery companies are also trying to enhance the capacity of mobile phone batteries through material improvement and technological innovation. In addition, the birth of new charging technology, such as the recent development of the "super capacitor" small charger, may gradually replace the existing power bank case.