Popularization: Where Do Abandoned Mobile Power Battery Cases Go?

- Nov 08, 2017-

 If 10 years ago, we talk about mobile power, with which you can charge your cell phone anytime, anywhere, you may be considered as an idiot, because at that time the electricity of the phone can be used for 3,4 days or even a week. There is no problem at all. Now as the development of the mobile phones, the power consumption of mobile power greatly enlarge. Therefore the mobile power has its market now. But with more and more mobile power in the market, the disposition of the abandoned mobile powers has become a big problem! Today we will talk about the thing about abandoned mobile power.


If not been handled properly, the harm of abandoned mobile power battery cases will be enormous. The composition of the mobile power has three main parts, namely the shell, circuit board and battery. The shell is generally plastic or metal, which are recyclable resources, the circuit is also useful resource which can be recycled. Battery cases are the most important. If not been effectively recycled, it will seriously pollute the environment.

Where do abandoned mobile battery cases go?

In addition to some unexpected circumstances, such as explosion, dissolution, mobile power battery cases have their life. When the mobile power battery can no longer provide strong charge for other products, then the mobile power has lost its own role. While many mobile power users don’t know how to dispose used these mobile powers, so they just simply throw them to the trash bin. 

At home, currently there is no more formal channels to recycle the used mobile powers. The more feasible way for us now is to put the mobile power into the trash bins or directly take it to the recycling station for processing. 

In addition, there are some of the famous companies will put forward some short-term "trade-in" activities, letting users to replace a new mobile power by adding money (this activity is usually carried out on March 15th). I think this is the most effective and advantageous way currently, but there are not always this activity.

Disposal of mobile power is indeed a more serious environmental problem now. As a consumable, the mobile power will also become increasingly popular, thus the number of scrapped mobile power will get larger. As far as I am concerned, we should start with three aspects to handle this issue.

First, as consumers, we should have the awareness of environmental protection, properly carry out waste sorting, and classify the waste products of battery cases. I think, this can only be changed with several generations of efforts.


Secondly, government should have corresponding recycling policy to give certain subsidies to waste recyclers for the recovery of used mobile powers, and encourage research institutes to develop ways to facilitate the recycling of used battery cases.

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Finally, we can replace the existing environmentally harmful battery cells through the battery case material innovation, solving the pollution of waste battery cases on the environment fundamentally. Not only cell battery manufactures abroad, but also that at home, like Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., LTD are devoted to develop and try to solve the phone battery endurance problem. We will see in the near future.