Opportunities And Challenges For Power Bank Industry

- Oct 30, 2017-

With the advent of smart mobile devices, coupled with the low threshold to enter the power bank market, it is expected that the future power charger market is very optimistic. The smartphone charger industry just develops and then immediately enters the competitive period. The current situation is that the terminal power bank buyer demand is rather huge. It can be said that there is much room for the power bank market as smart phones have not yet reached every people. From the enterprises’ point of view, this is good information, indicating that the market is not saturated yet, it’s still promising.

Challenges for power bank industry 

With the entry of a variety of large and small manufacturers, coupled with the lack of industry self-discipline and the national standards, the current power bank market quite is quite disordered, the power bank buyer lack of confidence in the overall smart phone charger industry, resulting in the shadow to the positive develop of the power charger industry. At the same time, the power bank also has some "flaw".


First, the power bank itself does not have the gene to become a standalone product. Nowadays the product line for electronic consumer goods is more and more blurred. Products have superior compatibility and adhesion. One product will have more and more features, such as television, mobile phones and so on. Whether digital cameras, radio such kind of products will exist or not In the future is still unknown. If old products cannot keep up with the times, it will be eliminated, if the new product do not upgrade, it will be replaced. This is the law of product. The function of small phone charger is single. It does not have the gene to become a standalone product. Power charger and cannot be compatible with other products, but due to its unique function, it might become the one that would be embraced by other products.

Second, the rapid development of new technologies makes the replacement of power bank becomes possible. The media has reported a variety of new technology charging situation. The emergence of these technologies makes power charger face long-term development challenges. 

Third, intelligent mobile devices are devoting to make up for the lack of power supply. Now a big flaw of the digital intelligent mobile device is that the power supply is not enough, the power does not last for long time. This is why power bank generated. But now the smartphone manufacturers are all trying to improve battery life. It should be noted that smart phones also have great investment in this part. Moreover, to solve the problem of lack of power supply capacity is not impossible. On the contrary, we are very confident that the battery life of intelligent devices can be put up, just the same as ordinary mobile phones.

Fourth, if power banks only compete on the capacity, there will be evolution bottlenecks. Perhaps in the future, the capacity of power charger will be the same as the capacity of the hard disk, becoming bigger and bigger. It should be said that this is the trend. But the nature of power bank is different from the hard disk. The hard drive is a necessity, but the smart phone charger is not necessarily in need. Power bank is like a backup device. The increase of smartphone power bank capacity will inevitably lead to price increase, which would surely affect the power bank buyers’ purchasing will. Moreover, people’s outdoor time is not very long, in many cases the external charger is only for temporary use. If not compete with the capacity, where is its way out?

For manufacturers, the tricks in the industry also make enterprises get into a vicious competition situation. A large number of low-cost low-quality products flood the market, leading to the difficulty for good-quality products to sell, forcing manufacturers to make a choice between quality and price. The purification of power bank market is imperative.

Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd, one of the power bank distributor focusing on the middle-class and high-class market, also faces such a problem. But believing in the future of this area, they choose the high quality. Anyhow, only the high quality and good reputation would let the enterprise survive in the serious competition.