New Packaging,New Model,New WST.

- Jun 30, 2018-

WST (Wanshuntong) was founded in 2004 and is the brand of portable chargers of China's consumer electronics accessories manufacturer, Shenzhen Wanshuntong Technology Co., Ltd. It is famous for its quality and brings people a wonderful moment of quality, surprise and uniqueness. Since July of this year, Wanshuntong has significantly upgraded the WST brand, the largest rebranding action in 16 years. These include optimizing brand LOGO, launching new packaging and marketing campaigns.


Since the beginning of the decade, WST has been on the path of high-end luxury and luxury. The packaging is mainly based on red and gold. The classic slogan "power in your hand" makes the WST brand world-renowned and has become the top-level mobile phone battery industry brand. However, consumers' perceptions of luxury goods have changed now. More people are not only pursuing the luxury status brought by brands and high prices, but about the quality of their products and the values and stories behind them. So for the exaggerated strategy of WST, the distance from consumers is getting farther and farther.


The purpose of this brand upgrade is to increase the brand awareness of WSTs and establish a brand value that can resonate with these young people and win their recognition and love. Subsequently, WST set up its own design department to fully upgrade the existing brand image. The upgraded new packaging adopts a uniform size and style while retaining the shape and font, and uses a new color scheme - Royal khaki replaces the original red and gold.

The new image and packaging is currently being promoted in China and Asia, and is expected to be fully replaced globally next spring.