MWC 2018: 5G Is About To Fully Erupt

- Mar 20, 2018-

Mobile communications are sure to be familiar to everyone. From earlier mobile phones to smart home appliances, mobile communications have entered and changed our lives. At the MWC 2018 conference, 5G as the most advanced communication technology has taken shape, and the birth of 5G has become the hottest topic in the technology industry. What are the advantages of 5G and what opportunities and challenges will the 5G development bring to the PC industry?

In 1978, the mobile communication system was born in Bell Labs. This is the first generation mobile communication system (1G). People of that era must remember the identity of the time, Big Brother, but due to the high cost and limited capacity of the initial communication system, and the large problems in security and stability, the “Big Brother” has not been popularized. At that time it was only the existence of a "rare thing". After entering the new century, digital transmission technology has completely replaced 1G and the 2G era has come. The most representative of these two giants is Nokia and Motorola at the time. Compared with the first generation of communication systems, 2G is in terms of price and security. All aspects of stability have been greatly improved. Although it was still not cheap at the time, mobile communications have gradually begun to enter people's daily lives.

With the development of mobile networks, the 10K/s transmission speed of 2G networks can no longer meet people's needs. 3G has followed the trend. With a transmission speed of several hundred kilobits per second, we can smoothly browse computer web pages and send and receive mails. Video call and so on. After the transmission speed has been secured, smart phones have gradually entered people's lives. It can be said that the development of 3G has further promoted the development of smart phones, and the era of Apple and Android's rivalry began in what era. Now that 4G has been universally adopted, compared to the previous generation of mobile communication technologies, the speed of 4G has been greatly improved. Its transmission rate can reach 20Mbps, and even up to 100Mbps. With the increase of speed, our mobile internet devices are not only limited to browsing web pages, sending and receiving information, and so on. They also provide sufficient support for things such as IOT and smart payment, and mobile communication has entered our lives. And it has caused a tremendous change in our lives.

4G fully covered the time only a short period of 5 years, 5G has been quietly arrived. At this year's World Conference on Mobile Communications (MWC), "5G" has become the most frequent word. Companies such as Samsung, Huawei, and Qualcomm have already begun testing 5G networks, among which AT&T has announced that it will gradually launch 5G network services this year, and the 5G humanoid assistant robot demonstrated at this year's conference has also become a major highlight. It seems that 5G technology is basically mature. This year, it is very possible to unveil the mystery of the fifth-generation communication technology, and new products that are attached to 5G technology will soon be breaking out.

First of all, we first briefly understand this mysterious fifth generation communication technology, 5G is the fifth generation of communication technology, and its download speed is expected to be at least 10 times faster than the previous generation of communication technology, up to even 100 times. The quote from WST’s chief marketing officer is: 5G can let people download speeds in GB. For our average consumer, the increase in download speed is the most intuitive experience. The buffering time for 4K or even 8K movies can be calculated in seconds. Not only that, the arrival of 5G will drive the further development of cloud technology to provide greater convenience for our lives. And 5G high-capacity and low-latency also play an important role in intelligent home appliances, artificial intelligence and other aspects. In a word, 5G is simply terrible!

Most PC access networks now use wired connections (better stability) or access to wireless networks (more convenient), which greatly limits the scope of application of notebook computers. Although wireless networks are very popular today, the vast majority of public network speeds are worrying, which greatly affects our experience. Here I have to remind everyone that the public network still has relatively large security risks. Nowadays many people go out and choose to connect to the Internet through mobile phone hotspots, but the consumption of mobile phones has become a new problem.

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