Mobile Phone First Plug The Phone Or Power?

- Oct 28, 2017-

Today, mobile phones become an important role in our lives, work life, recreation everywhere has its presence. Long time to use the phone, making the charge of life in the habit of action, standby time to become a necessary reference for the purchase of mobile phone factors!

So, how long is your phone waiting time? Mobile phone first plug the phone or power? Before we get to know this, let's take a look at another concept: Electricity Surge.

Electricity Surge is the instantaneous voltage beyond the normal operating voltage, also known as the instantaneous pulse voltage. It is a kind of transient current in the circuit that lasts a violent fluctuation of one millionth of a second.

When our electrical contact with the row when the spark, which is the surge, so the market appeared a large number of anti-surge row plug. This is the case: your phone charging, plug the power or plug the phone, have no effect.

If you are using a regular row of plugs, it depends on whether your charger is original or non-original.

With the original charger, the first plug the power supply or the phone is basically not affected. Non-original charger, plug the phone moment, will have a relatively large voltage pulse, which may bring harm to the phone.

So, when charging the phone, no matter what plug or charger, plug the power supply are not generated pulse voltage, relatively more secure.

After the phone is fully charged, remember to unplug the phone first. Because in the moment of pulling the charger, the charger is easy to produce reverse instantaneous current, this time if the first pull the phone, it may hurt the phone.

So,what we need to do is:

When charging, Plug in the power supply first, Plug the phone second; After filling, Pull the phone first and pull the power after phone, so the operation more secure!