“Minimalism”, A Popular Lifestyle!

- Jul 10, 2018-

Less is More, this is a buzzword in the world today, from the mouth of the German architect Mies van der Rohe in the last century.

       He is an architect. His words were originally based on the concept of architectural design. I did not expect that more and more people are worshipped as a daily life concept in the supremacy of materialism. Less means removing unnecessary tedities and streamlining your life.

       Our society is getting more and more complicated, and the material is getting richer and richer. However, the author of "Walden Lake" Thoreau said in the last century that it is still useful. "We work hard every day, we live hard, but always Unwittingly lost something."

      It is true that our work or life is sometimes like a mess. Everyday people compete in the bustling work or life, never stop, but exhaustion always comes from time to time.

       The world is too complicated, so many people gradually fall in love with "simpleness", let the lifestyle return to the simple and pure side.

       Minimalism is a popular lifestyle that has emerged in this context.

     In fact, the term minimalism has been in existence for a long time. The earliest minimalism is not a way of life that we now admire. It is just an art genre when some artists create works. It is mainly pursued from simple to extreme. The design style is simple and tidy, and the taste and thought are more elegant.

      Although minimalism was born from art, in the later development, it slowly walked down the hall and entered the life of ordinary people.

       There is no extra gimmick to minimize the need for daily necessities, and this extremely reduced lifestyle makes it easier to focus on the few objects in the room. This kind of environment is very calm, less is more efficient and rich, and can create a streamlined beauty, giving people a beautiful enjoyment.

      When it comes to "minimalism", in addition to knowing the meaning of the phrase "less is more", we must also understand a Power bank called "ZER⊕ series". The "ZER⊕ series" is from Shenzhen Wanshuntong Technology. The concept of product sorting proposed by the company is specifically such a concept.

        Among them, ZER = minimum, O = circle, ⊕ = the center of zero.

    slim power bank.jpg

      The consumer-savvy United States has set off a minimalist movement in recent years, including Apple’s “Jobs” and Facebook’s “Zuckerberg”, all of which are active promoters in this area, Japan and the world’s highest happiness index in Northern Europe. It has promoted the promotion of a “minimalism” lifestyle.

        In fact, "minimalism" is not simply a matter of material decoration from "tricky" to "simple", but more of the changes in people's hearts after the external forms of these substances change.