Light Of Science:Is Your Portable Charger Bank Really A Treasure?

- Nov 21, 2017-

Nowadays, the performance of smartphones is getting more and more advanced, but the battery life is not correspondingly improved. When the mobile phone is out of power but you have emergency to contact with people, it is troublesome indeed. At this moment, you only need a small portable charger bank that can instantly solve all the troubles.

In the market, there are many types of portable charger banks to be chosen from. And they are  different in quality. Then how should we choose power bank and from what aspects can we distinguish them?
First, the manufacturer. The most important and the most basic thing we must first consider is the manufacturer of the portable charger bank. As a regular manufacturer of power bank, certifications including CE, ISO9001 should be are complete. Therefore, before purchasing, you must check whether the manufacturer is fully certified.

Second, the quality of battery cell. Because batteries are the only container for storing electricity, whether the battery quality is good or bad would directly determine the quality of the portable charger bank. There are two types of batteries, namely lithium batteries and polymer batteries.

Compared to liquid lithium-ion battery cell, lithium polymer battery cell has the feature of light weight, small size, and high efficiency. From a security point of view, the explosive capacity of 18650 batteries is still very large, while polymer batteries will not explode. So cherish life, we should be away from second-hand 18650 lithium-ion batteries.

Third, the battery capacity. We naturally hope that the larger the capacity, the better. But larger capacity would also bring about greater volume, it would not be convenient when we go out. So we can select the portable charger bank battery capacity, according to our own demand about power.

For example, DL511 power bank from Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd, has the capacity of 2600mah, it’s so cute and is easy to carry. For larger capacity, like WST DP913, with the capacity of 12000mah, it has build-in android and Iphone cable, you do not have to always take a micro cable with you.

If it is a general mobile phone users, choose those with capacity of 2000-5000mAhis enough. If you need to go out with a lot of digital products, you can choose those with slightly larger capacity. In short, the ones that is most suitable for you is the best.

Fourth, the appearance. The appearance of the portable charger bank is also a very important factor attracting the attention of consumers, but I still want to remind everyone that we must not only look at the appearance in the choice of power bank, the most important thing is its internal! We should choose our own mobile power according to our hobby, in the premise that the batteries is of good quality, high safety performance, and proper capacity.
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