Light&Min, A Power Bank, A Line, Retractable, Safe And Reliable-WST WP938 New Arrive

- Dec 07, 2017-

Obviously, Power Bank With Mobile is already an integral part of our lives. After all, as we become more dependent on mobile phones, the long-standing smartphone latency has gradually changed our habits. At the same time, the Power Bank With Mobile supply in the market is not static. There are many selling products such as high-capacity, thin, safe and fast charging, which attract users' attention. In addition, although there are many Power Bank With Mobile to beautiful Modeling design as a selling point, but there is an obvious problem but few Power Bank With Mobile to solve, that is the interface problem. Think about it, in fact, in the era of functional machines and smart phones, the phone's power interface is actually vastly different, even now, if the service hall in some tourist attractions looking carefully, you will find that charging service here , Or prepared a lot of models of the charging interface. Today, although the smart phone charging interface tends to be uniform, but Apple and Android on both sides, there are still old and new interfaces exist, which, although a large proportion of micro USB, but the new generation of USB Type C interface Much later come out of the trend. However, in the Power Bank, used to charge the mciro USB interface is absolutely mainstream, which led to many USB Type C mobile phone users have to prepare two data lines, not only when charging is very troublesome, and very inconvenient. So, Wanshuntong this dual charging interface, the value of the Power Bank is highlighted.


The design of this Power Bank With Mobile can be very practical, because only one data cable, you can easily use this power supply, i can also ensure faster charging speed and security. In addition, this product also has a relatively good feel and design. However, only a single charge outlet for this power supply even more lightweight portable, but for users with multiple devices, it is not very convenient to use up. For users, security is very important, through self-designed chips, WST WP938 Power Bank With Mobile supply security is guaranteed. However, there are gains and losses, although this power charge conversion rate higher, reaching 98%, but the charging time is longer, it takes 6 hours, although compared to the same type of power faster, but on the other hand also reduces its Using the value of the USB-C interface cable for charging, WST will continue to introduce Power Bank With Mobile supplies with shorter charging times in the future, enabling lighter and lighter portability and a faster charging experience.


However, this Power Bank is not only added a new charging interface, can greatly enhance the convenience of users at the same time, it also has the advantages of security, portability, aesthetics and fast charge and other advantages, which became the general performance Outstanding, easy to use, attractive appearance of high quality power supply.


Product design extra hard, although the use of Power Bank is also common plastic material, but in order to increase the sense of beauty and grip comfort, this product is painted, the craft and body color fit, feel comfortable, and silk screen out WST English letters, looks concise and beautiful, the same in your hand is very comfortable.

Power Bank With Mobile.jpg

As you can see, this product has a total of four interfaces, namely, two standard USB, Micro USB and type USB-C. The standard USB for charging is the specification of 5V2.4A and the charging speed is faster for the mobile phone Charging more efficient, while the other two interfaces are suitable for most Android phones and USB-C phone data cable, it is very convenient, with 5V2A charging speed, using the right adapter only 10 ~ 12 hours full Power Bank With Mobile, so this Power Bank With Mobile supply is a two-way fast charge products, and has short circuit protection and other security features, which can improve efficiency when used to ensure the safety.

During use, this power fast charging effect is indeed good, for those who can support 5V2A or higher specifications of the phone, fully able to adapt to this power charging speed, in order to achieve a more rapid charging effect, while its cooling effect Also quite good, in the course of the process did not encounter power overheating and other issues.