Laborers Are Most Honored And Warmly Celebrate That Ava Et Al. Won The “Excellent Employee Of Labor Day”

- May 02, 2018-

       In the first quarter of 2018, three employees achieved outstanding results and set a good example for others.

       The company adhered to the principles of democracy and fairness, and selected three outstanding employees through the recommendations of the heads of departments, the review of the General Affairs Department, and the approval of the general manager.


Part of the staff excellent deeds

Ava: Is responsible for overseas sales, communicates with overseas customers in a timely manner, and answers customer questions in a timely manner. Because of her earnestness and pragmatism, she has established a close cooperative relationship with our company. At the same time, we also carefully follow up on the progress of domestic customers, report progress to the superiors in a timely manner, and work collaboratively with various departments to help each other and win customers' satisfaction with our products and services.