ISO 11.3, NFC Apple Pay

- Apr 08, 2018-

Apple added the “Battery Health Beta” function to iOS 11.3, which is a decision to return the performance of the machine to the user.

The key point is that Apple's NFC functionality, which was added after the iPhone 8, finally has another real-world use scenario in iOS 11.3 — letting the phone serve as a bus card.

Obviously, Apple attaches great importance to this feature. We can learn from Apple's official website that the relevant traffic payment page is currently on-line. At the beginning, it only supports a few cities in some countries.

On history, the “mobile NFC is used as a bus card” is traceable back to 2006, and it was introduced in metropolitan cities through the Nokia 3220 mobile phone, which covers mobile phone payments at bus outlets such as buses, ferries, restaurants, cinemas, and convenience stores. Into today, basically the vast majority of Android models, have joined the NFC payment function, but the Nokia 6131 is the forerunner of NFC mobile phones.

The NFC standard developed by Nokia, Philips and Sony, although it is not as strong as the connection standard such as Bluetooth WIFI, is still widely used in actual product applications. Sony, one of the standards-makers, has added NFC support (NFC fast-match connections) to its lineup of Xperia phones, alpha micro phones, and Bluetooth speakers. However, Lao Huang believes that not only himself, many consumers buy back these NFC-enabled products, until the second-hand out or even bad, it seems that few people take the initiative to understand the NFC can bring to the use of the kind of improvement.

From the data point of view, the popularity of NFC is still good, but the actual usage rate is not high.

It stands to reason that although Nokia is no longer hot, Philips did not have the glory of the year, but the remaining performance of Sony has gradually increased in recent years, its products have created many hot sales records, it stands to reason that NFC headlines It should be Sony. But why did Apple eventually become the headline?

NFC is actually quite suitable for "swipe" this action, even more convenient than the two-dimensional code we currently use. The technical principle of near field communication is actually not difficult. It exchanges data through active and passive modes. And its two biggest characteristics: very short transmission distance, suitable for near-field communication; the establishment of connection speed, "drip" has completed the operation. Therefore, whether we need to use the access control every day or the application in the consumer field, under the blessing of NFC technology, it is obviously very appropriate to be able to add in the mobile phone to achieve the purpose quickly.

Compared to experimental applications more than 10 years ago, NFC, via Apple’s giant, has been officially activated from a sleepy state when mobile payment has become the daily behavior of consumers. It seems to be a more reasonable behavior and is consistent with Apple’s product development in recent years. Integrate into the situation of life. However, from another point of view, does it mean that Apple has already made a fortune in the mobile phone industry and can only move its mind to "do new ideas"? To know that Beijing alone, already has a "Beijing One Card" APP, "Easy Access" App, and NFC-SIM for mobile/transportation/telecom, enough to complete what Apple's bus card can do.

If it is only this, then Apple is not Apple we know. Behind the Apple Pay transportation card, Apple is eyeing the mobile payment field. In terms of product form, previous NFC payments were regional, combined with multiple relationships between mobile phone manufacturers, financial institutions, and traffic management departments (such as the Xiamen e-card we just mentioned), and contributed to a kind of experimental, regional product. This time, Apple took out the traffic cards for the two major cities. Although it was not a happy result, it also had enough influence.

With the identity of "an electronic product company that has a complete ecosystem and can be integrated into life," Apple is deeply involved in mobile payment and even in other areas of life. Compared with other manufacturers, Apple's tactics and meanings are quite different. Remember when Apple Watch was released? Apple recruited the hotel group SPG as a partner and demonstrated at the press conference how the Apple Watch had no room card to stay in the hotel room.

We can foresee that with the expansion of Apple's public transportation card in the country and even in the global scope, because of the physical consumption characteristics of the bus card, Apple's rooting in the network finance will be more in-depth, and the original network payment function. There will be some impact.