Is Your Powerbank Phone Charger Safe Enough?

- Oct 20, 2017-

With the popularity and rapid growth of digital products, the usage of powerbank phone charger remains high and becomes much closer to our daily life.

    As the extension of our powerbank phone charger electricity quantity, it has become an necessity in our journey.


However, as some products do not meet the safety standard, spontaneous combustion, explosion accidents often happen, bringing much worries to people.

Related to life and the financial security, the quality of the powerbank phone charger must guarantee the safety. As for such high frequency using powerbank phone charger, is there any relevant standard in the end?
    Shenzhen, as a concentration of more than 85% of the country's powerbank phone charger production enterprises, under the state that the national standards have not yet been introduced, needs to conceive a standard for powerbank phone charger in Shenzhen. Under this situation, the Shenzhen Mobile Communications Federation and the Shenzhen Powerbank phone charger Industry Alliance, joining Huawei and more than 50 other domestic powerbank phone charger upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises and institutions, with two years effort, issued and implemented the Shenzhen powerbank phone charger social community standards on July 19, 2016.
    This is the first product standard concerning the consumer attention and demands, and fully absorbing the comments and suggestions of consumers. It exceeds the national standard in the fast charge technology, Type-C interface, dynamic load, etc., filling the gaps at home and abroad.

    The implementation of the standard plays a positive role in regulating the healthy and orderly development of powerbank phone charger industry, enabling consumers to buy high-quality powerbank phone charger products.

    For industry and society, how to treat and implement the standards reflects the practitioner's responsibility and attitude. And in terms of ordinary consumers, we should master the correct way of purchasing.

Buy genuine powerbank phone charger through the formal channels. When buying in the street, you should identify before buying to prevent shoddy products.

图 A   .jpg

2. At ordinary times, keep a watchful eye on the brands which have good quality and reputation. Do not buy products which do not have branded models, manufacturer, or electrical parameters.

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3. To keep the long-term use of the powerbank phone charger, throwing, beat, shake, too high or too low temperature, high humidity and other adverse external environment should be avoided.
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4. In daily use, we should avoid the powerbank phone charger input, output port contacting with key metal things to prevent short circuit.
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5. Select different types of powerbank phone charger depending on the occasion. Use a small powerbank phone charger for simple emergency usage, use a large capacity powerbank phone charger when going out.

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6. In order to normally use the powerbank phone charger, we should use a matching USB data interface.
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As for the powerbank phone charger you should choose, its up to you. As for me, I like that of Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO.,LTD. As a 18-year manufacturer, WST products are popular with consumers around the world. My favorate is WST DP913, which have build-in micro cable and have high capacity of 12000mAh.