Is The IPhone IOS 12.1.1 Signal Better?

- Dec 11, 2018-

In the latest iPhone series, Apple began to completely abandon Qualcomm's baseband, adding dual-card dual-standby functionality to the baseband provided by Intel. However, the new baseband has caused the iPhone's signal to reversing, and even brought a worse battery life. There is no double volte blessing, which makes the new iPhone's dual card dual standby experience bad, and disappoints consumers. After iOS 12.1.1, the new iPhone is completely easy to use.

Apple released the official version of iOS 12.1.1, which seems to be a minor repair of the .1 version of the update, in addition to bringing the National Bank's HomePod, the most important improvement is the iPhone's essential function as a mobile phone - communication, iOS 12.1.1 has a soft solution to the signal problem of the new iPhone.

After upgrading the latest system, the iPhone XS series was upgraded to the latest system, the modem version was upgraded to 1.02.18, and the mobile phone signal was improved. At the same time, the new system also allowed iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max to support more operators. The eSIM function uses dual SIM cards (there is currently no carrier support eSIM dual card service in China).

At the same time, iOS 12.1.1 already supports the mobile dual Volte of iPhone XS and XS Max. The option of enabling 4G data and voice for China Mobile sub-card appears in the setup menu; however, the dual-card function of China Telecom is still not realized, and telecommunications The volte function still needs to be supported later by the update of the carrier's files.

Finally, the system also has the function of turning off the main/sub-card separately, and the user no longer needs to close the card by pulling the card.

Through the software method, Apple gradually improved the dual-card dual-standby, and the signal problem was gradually solved. Then, the title of the flagship machine of the year is not to be changed again?